Collect 88 Free With 888sport

888sport are offering 88 completely free, to collect to will need to register with them and deposit at least 88 and they will give you 88 as a bonus. This offer is only valid for new customers and is valid for the first month of signing up only.

You can view the free money you have by clicking on the "My Account" from the 888sport home page.

bonus format: [88+ >> 88F]

Full Review

Company Background

888 - Showing different games available
888 Holdings plc was founded in 1997 and is currently listed on the FTSE 250. 888 was one of the original gaming sites and used to just contain their casino and poker sites Casino-on-Net / PacificPoker. Since then they have expanded considerably and now have many high profile gaming brands including PacificPoker, Casino-on-Net, 888ladies and the most recent 888sport (developed by both Blue Square and 888) which is becoming very popular.

888sport have become widely known in recent years through various sponsorship deals be it in football, darts, snooker and pool. One of the many contenders to the more established betting companies, 888sport do not offer a great variety in the betting options, certainly in comparison to other sites but perhaps they have other things going for them?

Ease of use

Even before you get past the first page, 888sport are pointing you in the direction of tutorials to ensure you can get the best from the site. The video footage very moves well and walks the user through the bet allowing them to follow the action they are supposed to take. There is also a free helpline available to ensure that you are never stuck for too long.


888sport - UK Racing
There is a variety in the amount of football league markets, although not in as much depth as we would have liked. Given this is the backbone for many sites, 888Sport perhaps appears slightly weaker compared to some of their rivals.

888sport do not allow you to see any of their Casino options without being signed in, this may not be so good for prospective members. Even giving them a glimpse of what was on offer may entice more members to join.

888sports make it very obvious that they are going for the female market in the bingo section and their sub-section is kitted out in pink and is very girly. This will no doubt appeal to the main bingo playing market.

Opening offers

888sports have a 88 opening offer and seems to work well - 888sport offer a matching deposit also.

Unlike the majority of sites, there was no indication that any free bets were on offer for joining up with the Poker option on the site. However, sign up to the Bingo section with at least 10 and you will receive a 150% sign up bonus. Equally, the Backgammon section also offers a 100% matching bonus up to $400.

Additional features

There are live score and statistics available. With so many firms on the market it can be hard to stand out from the rest but 888sports have managed to do this but not necessarily as much as needed.

User Reviews

new but decent, website is clean and easy to use...

The unnamed

Very good service - the site is essentially blue sq but rebranded.

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