Ace Scratchcard

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Ace is a 2 online scratchcard that could see lucky users pocket a cash sum of up to 50,000. The game is masculine in design utilising colours of brown and burgundy red hues. Other visual flourishes include the Ace emblem that is positioned in the top right corner of the card and the image of the blimp that is scratched away to reveal the possible prize amounts up for grabs. The scratchcard is finished off with a diamond-featured trim and is set before a backdrop designed to replicate worn wood.

As the Ace scratchcard is so simple to enjoy, the aim of the game being to reveal three of the same cash amounts to receive that prize, there are very few features with which its producers (Net Entertainment) can embellish the gaming experience. The user`s cash is displayed beneath the card and is located just above the paytable, the instruction manual and the volume control.

It is the paytable, though, that is really worth looking at, the feature stating in clear terms the player`s chances of winning a cash amount before the requisite 2 is handed over. For example, the paytable tells the user that whilst there is a one in a million chance of earning themselves the jackpot of 50,000, just short of two hundred thousand customers in every one million win their stake back. Another 90,000 punters in every one million double their money, though the chances of winning 10,000 are just a slim as bagging the big money pay-out. There are another 13 available prizes on which players can try to lay their hands with the third highest total being for 5,000. Five tickets in every one million collect a bonus of either 4,000 or 2,000.

The game can be personalised thanks to the choice of three items with which the customer can scratch away the foil panels to reveal their potential winnings. Users can choose to rub the panels with the Ace-branded gold coin, the silver hairclip or the black button. It seems important to praise Net Entertainment for adding in this element of customisation in order to avoid the player`s experience going too stale too quickly. Such users may also find a `lucky` tool and continue to reveal the amounts with this tool after being in receipt of a sufficiently generous windfall. Should the player wish to change their `scratching device`, the three options can be found to the right of the cash display and volume setting.

Play commences when the prominently positioned `Buy Now` icon is pressed. Upon being clicked this icon will no longer say `Buy Now` but `Scratch All`. By selecting `Scratch All` all the nine cash values will be revealed simultaneously, removing the need to `scratch` from the `scratch`-card game. Otherwise, players can hover over the main scratchcard panel, clicking and holding to reveal each cash amount one by one. The gambler will be given a visual alert upon finding two prize totals of the same kind, letting them know that they are only a further identical match away from winning the sum in question.

Should there be a win hidden behind the foil of the scratchcard, the `Multiply your winnings here` panel takes on a greater significance. Helpfully doing what it says on the tin, this panel has the power to multiply the winning amount by the number revealed. In the case of a hardware or software malfunction, all committed stakes will be returned to the player and any wins will be voided. Please see Bet365`s terms and conditions for further information.

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