Alien Robots

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The unique selling point of Alien Robots, found in the arcade section of Bet365 Vegas, is that it gives customers 243 bet ways thanks to the 30 bet lines on offer. Whilst the minimum amount of money a customer must spend to activate this feature is 3, it is worthwhile for those who can afford to do so as it unlocks many more opportunities to make even more cash. It is also worth the player`s while to try to collect as many scatter tokens as possible in order to accumulate free spins. These free spins then allow users to take advantage of another feature of Alien Robots, the expanded wild.

Scatter symbols are imprinted with a picture of a UFO craft whilst also having the word `Scatter` emblazoned over them. Should three of these tokens appear anywhere on the table at any one time, the user will receive 10 free spins. Twenty free spins will be at the player`s disposal should they be lucky enough to bag four scatter symbols in one go, whilst the reels stopping with five in view means that the customer will be in receipt of a grand total of 50 free spins.

Available only during these free spin sessions, the expanded wild tokens hold one reel in position as the others spin in order to give the lucky user a better chance of snatching a big windfall. These symbols don`t last forever though and convert back to normal wilds after one spin of the reels. Wild symbols are pink in colour and feature a robot emerging from behind the word `wild`.

The punter can find out more information on these points of difference as well as the prize pots for aligning each different character, letter and number on the reels by selecting `Paytable` option on the game screen. Alternatively, the customer can select one of the images on the reels thereby opening an information bubble stating how much can be won when three, four or five identical symbols are aligned. A more thorough reading off all the rules and regulations regarding all aspects of the game can be found by selecting the `?` icon in the bottom left hand corner of the game window.

To the immediate right of the rules is the auto-play function allowing users to spin the machine`s reels a number of times in succession. By releasing the pop-up auto-play menu the player can choose for how many rounds they would like to play with the advanced settings seeing the customer able to stop the wheels from spinning should any of their financial seals be hit, if their funds increase or decrease by a certain amount for example. Users can make changes to the volume of the music and sound effects by employing the two buttons to the left of the rules icon.

There is a second auto-play icon to the left of the large green spin button that is positioned in the centre of the main control panel of the game. Before this is hit however, players will do well to alter the lines, coin value and bet level indicators to ensure that they are not exceeding their betting limits. The total amount a customer is staking is displayed at the centre of the game window`s footer. This amount is flanked by the customer`s remaining cash and how much money they have won in the preceding round.

With its friendly facade of primary colours and characters it would be easy to dismiss Alien Robots as a machine that has prioritised a certain look over any sort of substance. Thanks to the wins and features available however, it is plain to see that this certainly isn`t the case.

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