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The Aliens premium slot game is just one of Bet365`s television and film tie-ins. Before the online slot is accessed, the gamer can choose to sit through an introductory cutscene charting a spaceship`s landing on an icy planet. Film buffs will recognise the craft as being a representation of the Nostromo ship that was famously boarded by Ripley et al in the famous four-movie franchise. Whilst this sequence is short, its high quality graphics create a steely tension sustained throughout the course of the gaming experience. Those who would rather skip any narrative concerns can easily do so with the clearly displayed button at the bottom of the window.

This interest in giving the user a narrative drive is continued with Net Entertainment, the creator of the game, giving the customer three levels to work through. These levels are entitled `The Search`, `The Encounter` and `The Hive` and all have different features and nuances to engage the gamer.

Level one sees the player have to try to progress through to level two by filling up the `alien activity meter` that runs across the top of the screen. There are nine sub-levels (or steps) to complete before the user achieves access to level two with all wins increasing the meter by one and all losses seeing the meter decrease by the same margin. Multipliers collected in the first game are transferred upon completion.

Level two differs in that the user has such things as the pulse rifle and ammo clip reel at their disposal. This reel contains any ammo symbols earned, the aforementioned alien activity meter and the ammo clip counter. With each symbol that is collected, the ammo clip counter increases, which then activates re-spins. Should the counter empty, however, the game returns to level one. Ten steps on the alien activity meter will see the player fight down the corridor to the third level, `The Hive`.

Trickier still is level three in which the hive must be destroyed before the player`s ammo runs dry. In addition to the weaponry received during `The Encounter`, users will be aware of the smart gun, the hive health meter, the grenade multiplier reel and the grenade strength reel. The ammo clip counter is loaded with four clips (or five re-spins) whilst damage is caused to the hive through the grenade-related reels and the smart gun, which is fired until the player has no ammunition remaining. Upon emptying the hive`s health meter, the successful user will receive 240X the current bet.

The layout of the gaming screen is simple and, consequentially, easy to use. The time occupies the bottom right hand corner with four icons signifying the game settings, volume, help and auto-play tucked away in the bottom left. The player`s cash, their bet and how much they have won is presented between the time and the auto-play icon. The size of these features means that the user is not distracted from the gaming experience which takes place in the main body of the window. Above this toolbar are icons denoting the auto-play setting, the max bet, the coin value and the level. Both the coin value and level markers can be increased or decreased accordingly, though it is the auto-play function that sees the user play numerous turns in succession, that has the most selection choices and advanced features.

Look out for `wild symbols` in levels one and two, which can be found on reels two to five on level one and anywhere during `The Encounter`. The wild symbols substitution pays the highest possible winning combination on a bet line according to the paytable.

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