Baccarat Professional Series

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Net Entertainment`s Baccarat Professional Series adds a touch of style to one of the most simple card games around. With its swinging lounge music and its design that allows users to experience the comfort of the casino without leaving the house, it is a must for both the veteran online gambler and the new kid on the block.

The main body of the window, constructed to replicate the green felt of the baccarat table, is split into three distinct sections; the first for those betting on a tie, the second for those backing the hand of the banker and the final segment for users to place chips on the fortunes of their own hand. This is demarcated with the word `Player` and is the section nearest the bottom of the window.

As usual, the grey toolbar at the foot of the game window is where punters can keep an eye on their cash, the value of the bet they are about to place and the total winnings accrued. Chips in 1, 5 and 10 denominations can be found on the extreme right of the toolbar. It will pay to notice the minimum bet of 1 whilst the loosest of players will also do well to bear in mind the maximum wager of 120. The grey chips are the delete chips and are useful for erasing any misplaced bets before the start of the game. The re-bet icon appearing at the conclusion of every game will allow the user to stake the same amount on the same outcome.

Be aware that all bets placed on either the banker or the player will pay two for one, though five per cent will be deducted as commission should the banker carry a winning wager. If necessary any returns will be rounded down. Correctly predicting a tie pays nine to one with bets on the player and banker returned.

To the extreme left is the usual series of settings and functions. As well as the volume control, there is the easy to understand instruction manual and a hub where the key settings can be found. Here, players can turn off such readily installed functions as the audio, the sound effects and the background music as well as the history of the winning hands. The speed of play can also be altered with a dial that can be increased and decreased as appropriate. With the slowest speed setting being one and the quickest nine, all games begin being set on five.

Between the `player` portion and the grey toolbar is the deal button, which sees the commencement of the game once all bets have been placed. The aim of baccarat is fool-proof, it simply being a matter of predicting whether the banker or the player will have the hand value closest to nine, prior to two or three cards being dealt to both from the eight 52-card decks.

In terms of scoring, number cards from two to nine are taken at face value whilst an ace represents a one. No points are awarded for the turning over of a king, queen, jack or 10, though ten points should be subtracted should the total hand have a combined total of anything of ten or more. Whether the hands are dealt a third card is dependent on the third card rules which state that the hands stand should they receive a total of eight or nine in their first two drawn hands. The player`s hand also stands should they be in receipt of a six or seven. Scoring between zero and five will see the player and banker receive a third card, whilst the banker turning a third will also be reliant upon their opponent turning a third and the value of their hand after this play.

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