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Beach has to be one of the most enjoyable slot machine simulators on Bet365 Vegas. The reason for this is its design, trading in the usual five reels for a beach with three rows of letter-inscribed stones, shells, starfish and clams. Instead of being spun on reels, these shells, creatures and rocks are washed out to sea before being washed back onto the shore in a different configuration. The graphics are excellent and are complimented by the sounds of the waves. This background music can be silenced using the volume controller found on the game window`s grey footer or by finding the audio section of the game settings list that appears when hitting the spanner icon also along the bottom of the game screen.

Apart from its unique visual take on the old slot machine format, Beach`s other unique selling point is its octopus wild tool. The octopus wild, appearing only on column three, allows the user to swap the positions of two other symbols in order to create the highest possible total win. Such success will also see all winning amounts doubled! As it only appears in the third column, the octopus, represented by a cartoon illustration of the creature, can only move symbols to adjacent positions in columns two, three or four. It cannot swap places itself. More information on this, and all of the game`s other functions, can be found in the instruction manual in the bottom left hand corner of the game screen. Information is also available via the paytable, which can be accessed by selecting the clearly demarcated icon beneath the reels. The paytable is also useful in so far as it simply outlines how much a punter can win by aligning three, four or five identical sea symbols. It also takes the customer through the usages of the scatter symbols and the wild emblems. By uncovering a minimum of three scatter symbols, the user can earn themselves up to 24 free waves (spins). The scatter tokens are designed to look like messages in bottles. The maximum of 24 free waves are earned when five bottles appear washed up on the beach, with 16 free waves being picked up when the customer spots four scatter symbols. Even finding the minimum of three of the tokens earns the player a very handy eight free shots at winning more cash.

It is also possible to snatch further bottle emblems during a free spin session, with the rewards also available in conjunction with the octopus wild token. These free games are played at the same bet level and coin value as the wager that triggered the free round.

Wild symbols can substitute for all tokens except the octopus wild and the scatter symbols. Appearing in all columns apart from the third, wild symbols sees the punter receive the high possible winning combination on a bet line. Again, more information on scatter, wild and octopus wild symbols can be found by checking out either the paytable or the rules guidebook.

It is worth becoming au fait with these rules before wagering any amount of money on the game. Should the user also be looking at altering the level or coin value indicators or playing games in succession with the auto-play function, they will also do well to double check the amount they bet in the three-part display window at the bottom of the game screen. Here the player can see how much money they are committing (`Bet`) and how much cash they have remaining. Any wins are recorded in the demarcated `Win` area of the same display.

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