Big Bang

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Not only is Big Bang a popular game on Bet365 Vegas thanks its space theme, it also attracts plenty of users as a result of its unique multiplier meter running up the left hand side of the game screen. The meter offers punters the chance to increase the value of their winnings by 32-times. Add to this the game`s incorporation of the popular wild symbols and it`s no surprise that many customers continue to return to Big Bang in their droves.

Reading X1, X2, X4, X8, X16 and X32, the multiplier meter works by presenting customers with a greater multiplier with each successive win. The top treat being applied to the player`s sixth straight win. Should the customer`s winning run end at any time during the session, the meter drops back to X1 and the user must work on earning back-to-back wins once again. Reaching the top amount on the meter sees the player secure this multiplier on any subsequent wins until their winning run ends. It should be noted that though the user can decrease the value of their bet at anytime without affecting their position on the meter, by increasing the value of their bet they will begin back at stage one. Anyone attempting to raise their stake when in the middle of a winning run will be greeted with a warning message. By acknowledging this alert by pressing `Yes`, the alteration will stand and the punter will return to step one. Selecting `No` sees the customer return to the game screen at the same position on the multiplier meter at the same stake level.

More information on this feature, as well as all rules applicable to Big Bang, can be found in the manual in the bottom left hand corner of the game screen. It is advisable to read these instructions before gambling any cash.

Wild symbols are represented by an exploding star and can substitute any other of the reels` symbols. These emblems pay the highest possible winning combination on a bet line in accordance with the paytable.

This table is clearly denoted beneath the reels towards the left of the screen and is also where the user can find out the prize amounts for lining up three, four or five of the game`s symbols, letters and numbers. Otherwise, customers can click on the relevant icon on the stationary reels to open up an information box that displays the amounts won for aligning a number of these identical images. Of course, such outcomes are also affected by the changing of the level and coin value indicators. There are four levels to Big Bang, with each level increasing the size of the stake and, of course, the potential winnings. Similarly, altering the coin value level also has a bearing on the size of the bet and amount of cash that can potentially be won. It also correlates with the `Coins` display window.

Punters can always check on the size of their bet by looking at the display window in the centre of the grey footer. The amount of money they are staking appears in the middle `Bet` section, whilst their remaining cash is to the left of this amount. To the right is how much money the user won in their last round.

Finally, customers can also take advantage of the auto-play function located both to the right of the round spin button and in the left hand corner of the footer. By utilising this, players can spin the reels a number of times in succession and stop the function should their cash exceed or drop below a pre-set limit.

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