Bonus Keno

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Bonus Keno is a numbers game that sees the customer select a maximum of 10 numbers from an 80-strong grid in the hope that the same numbers will be been randomly picked by a computer as it scans the same grid picking 20 of its own. The value of the punter`s win depends on how many numbers were selected, how much money was wagered and how many of their selections were also chosen by the computer.

The game screen is split into three vertical sections; a table of the player`s history stating the number of rounds played and the amount of correct hits recorded, the grid of 80 numbers and a paytable that works out how much money will be won should one, two, three etc. of the user`s selections match those of the computer.

There`s also a horizontal section, the player`s main control panel. It is here where the punter can start the game once their numbers have been chosen.

Clicking again on a selected number erases its selection though should the user want to wipe all of their choices, they can simply press the `Clear` button. The `Auto Pick` option allows the player to take a lucky dip and have all their choices randomly selected, though they don`t have to commit to the numbers picked. The punter also has the choice to `Play 5` or `Play 10` using the clearly marked icons on this control panel.

Finally, there is also the chance for users to change the amount of money wagered. The minimum betting limit is 1, whilst the maximum allowable is 5. It is also possible to bet 2 and 3. Once the player`s ideal wager has been chosen, they should check their remaining funds using the three-part display window in the centre of the grey footer. The `Cash` section denotes a player`s funds prior to their next bet, whilst the `Bet` amount shows the amount of money that is about to be wagered. The third section entitled `Win` displays any money won in the last round before it is transferred to the player`s remaining funds.

In the top right hand corner of the Bonus Keno window is the progressive jackpot total. To be in with a chance of winning this the computer must reveal 10 titles in the shape of a J (the jackpot symbol). The player will then be in for a windfall of at least part of this ever-increasing total in accordance with the paytable as specified in the game`s rulebook.

These rules can be found in the bottom left hand corner of the game window, again in the grey footer. Even further left are tools to monitor the game settings and control the volume whilst to the right of the rules manual is an auto-play function that allows the user to play the game a number of times in succession. The user can also set conditions to stop auto-playing should their remaining cash drop below or exceed a certain level, for example.

Finally, uncovering five jokers at any point, as denoted by the bulbs in the top left hand corner of the game screen, activates a free bonus round during which time all prize money is doubled. This free session is played at the bet level selected prior to the round in which the user picked up their fifth and final joker. Any accrued jokers will stay with the player, even if they log out of the game and log in again at a later date.

Bonus game rules are also found by clicking open the rulebook.

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