Caribbean Stud Professional Series

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Despite the title, Caribbean Stud Professional Series does not takes its visual cues from the group of islands in the West Indies. Rather, the game tries to replicate the look of an actual card table found in a real life casino. There`s chip and a card dispenser located in the top half of the screen and three betting areas printed with `Jackpot`, `Ante` and `Call` in the lower half, just above the familiar footer present during all Bet365 Vegas games.

This toolbar consists of an instruction manual, a volume control and a game settings icon that allows users to turn off different parts of the overall audio or increase the speed of the game play. There`s also a three-part window in the middle of the footer allowing the customer to see how much cash they have remaining, how much they are currently wagering and how much they won in the last hand.

It is to the extreme right where the player can find their chips in 1, 5 and 10 denominations. There is also a grey removal chip should customers wish to delete any mistakenly placed counters. Selected chips are made playable by being dropped in the relevant betting section before the deal button is clicked on. The `Jackpot` section refers to the sign on the table that displays the progressive jackpot total. In order to play for the amount visible, chips should be dropped in the relevant space.

Punters should also be aware of the other notice on the table that reads `1 min 100 Max`. These amounts refer to the size of the initial bet. Hovering over this sign also takes the user to the paytable where they will be able to check out their potential winnings for each possible hand. Such information can also be found in the rules, again in the bottom left hand corner of the game window.

Caribbean Stud Series begins once the player has committed a stake to the demarcated `ante` area and/ or to the progressive jackpot section. Upon the deal button being clicked both the player and the dealer will be in receipt of five cards. Naturally, the user will be able to see all of the cards in their hand. They will, however, also be able to eye one of the cards in the hand of the dealer. From here, the decision is made by the player as to whether they want to fold and lose their stake amount or stay in the game and double the amount already placed in the ante pot.

Should the punter continue, the dealer will then look at their hand. If they fail to have at least a king and an ace, the player will receive their prize money. The dealer holding a hand of some value means that the game will continue with there being a comparison made between the cards held by the dealer and those in the hand of the player.

Having a hand of greater value (as per the patytable) means the user wins even money on the ante wagered along with the relevant payoff set out in the paytable. Holding cards of a lesser value means that the punter loses both the ante and the subsequent raise. Should both hands be of equal ranking, however, both the ante and the raise will be returned to the player.

Committing chips to the jackpot sector will see winnings returned with an extra prize amount depending on the value of the hand the player won with. Entering chips in the jackpot area and winning the game with a royal flush, for example, means that the gamer will be in receipt of 100% of the stated jackpot amount.

Terms and conditions regarding this jackpot offering can be read by opening the instruction guide in the bottom left hand corner of the game screen.

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