Casino Hold `Em Poker

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Casino Hold`Em Poker is designed to complement the other table and card games in Bet365 Vegas` selection. As with similar themed games the Casino Hold`Em window is designed to replicate the green felt of an actual table and is emblazoned with betting areas and other key information. There are three betting circles into which customers can place chips. These chips can be found in the bottom right hand corner of the game screen in the bronze footer. They come in 1, 5 and 10 denominations. There is also a grey deletion chip to erase any misplaced wagers. In the first instance the player will need to put their selected chip value into the `Ante` section. The wagering limits being displayed in the top right hand corner of the game screen. The maximum a punter is able to bet is 100, whilst the lowest limit is 1. Users may also throw chips into the area denoted with `AA-bonus`. In this case customers will win an amount of money upon having a hand containing anything higher than a pair of aces after the first three community cards have been dealt. According to the specific AA-bonus winnings paytable, hands containing anything ranked higher than a flush will pay 25 to 1, with 7 to 1 being paid to those with a hand from a pair of aces to a straight.

The paytable for both the ante win and the AA-bonus can be found on the left, emblazoned onto the green felt. Hovering over the paytable will increase its size and bring it into focus. Alternatively, there is further paytable in the rulebook located on the bronze band that stretches the length of the window. By clicking on the `?` icon, the customer will be able to read the paytable in the context of the other rules of the game. Betting area number three is denoted with the word `Call`. This is where players will put chips should they want to continue playing the game after seeing the three community cards (the flop), the fourth community card (the turn) and the fifth and final community card (the river). All call bets must be twice the value of the initial ante bet

All of the community cards will be placed in the square outline in the centre of the table. This rectangle, reminiscent of football goalposts, appears above another notice that reads,

`Dealer qualifies on a pair of 4s or better`

In layman`s terms this means that the player will beat the dealer regardless of the hand ranking of the former, if the latter fails to have a least a pair of 4s. Should this happen, the punter will receive their ante and call bets back along with an ante win according to the relevant payout table.

Indeed, the aim of the Casino Hold`em is to have a hand ranking higher than the dealer using the two cards gifted to the player and any three of the community cards displayed. Whilst the ranking of hand values is displayed in numerous places on the game, it is worth finding out what a straight or flush is, for example, should the user be new to the world of poker. This can be done with a quick internet search. New players will also do well to keep an eye on their remaining cash using the three-part display window in the bronze footer. The first section (`Cash`) shows how much money they have remaining, the second (`Bet`) shows the value of their current wager and `Win` displays how much money they picked up in the last hand before it is transferred to the cash pot.

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