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The Fisticuffs video slot game is a five reel online slot machine loosely themed around bare-knuckle boxing. Each reel is decorated with emblems of this now archaic past-time, with the player`s aim to align such images as championship belts, boots and trophies; towels, gloves and stools. The overall design is masculine with the colour palate containing browns, deep reds and golds, resembling a period prize-fighting event by the sea, where many of the bouts took place. The audio also reflects this, reminiscent of the waves crashing at the ocean`s edge.

As usual, users are encouraged to take notice of the footer at the bottom of the window, where their total cash amount, their wager and the sum of their wins is displayed. In the right hand corner of this grey toolbar is the time whilst the left corner is where the hub of settings is located. By selecting the settings `drop-down` menu in the corner of the window, the customer can choose to turn on the quick spin function or turn off such things as the intro screen or parts of the audio. They can even turn down the graphics quality or select the shortcuts option that will see them able to spin the reels simply by pressing the spacebar.

The volume control sits between the settings icon and the instructional `How to Play` guide, with the auto-play button the final selectable option on the toolbar. Auto-play allows punters to take successive turns of the reels, the amount of spins the machine takes before stopping being controlled by the user utilising this auto-play function. It is here where players can also stop auto-play after picking up a considerable cash prize.

Above this toolbar is the game-specific control panel with the play button positioned in the centre. To the left of this is another auto-play option, leading the punter back to the toolbar, whilst to the right is where the user can wager the maximum possible bet. The coin value dial, even further to the right, will have a bearing on the number of available coins displayed in the window to the extreme right, whilst the level adjustor to the left of the screen affects the number that appears in the bet window (extreme left). Be aware that both the coin value and level tools will have an effect on the amount wagered so keep an eye on the bet window in the centre of the grey toolbar.

Whilst the aim of the game is to earn as much money as possible through aligning the boxing images printed on the five reels, a number of `wild` features mean that the game is much more nuanced.

Whilst Fisticuffs still has the wild symbols that see the game pay the highest possible winning combinations on a bet line in accordance with the paytable, these are also complemented by `straight wilds`, `diagonal wilds` and `stacked wilds`.

Straight wild symbols only appear on reel three but when they crop up alongside a diagonal wild emblem, the straight wild `punches` its diagonal counterpart to reels one and/ or five thereby turning every emblem in between into a wild symbol. Conversely, diagonal wilds `punch` straight wilds upon the symbols being diagonally placed. This turns the image above or below the diagonal wild into a wild symbol. Finally stacked wilds, appearing in reels one and five, earn the customer re-spins which are played at the same level and coin value of the original wager.

Want to check out more about these features and potential payouts? Make your way over to the paytable that can be found on the left hand side of the control panel.

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