French Roulette

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Whilst the layout of French Roulette isn`t too dissimilar to the look of the American and European roulette games, there are a number of aspects to bear in mind before any money is laid. Firstly, there is only one green `0` pocket in the French game, differing from the American style which has two. This means that players have a better chance of seeing the ball land in a red or black pocket. Should it settle in the green pocket the customer will receive half their bet back under the rules of the French game. As a consequence this style is considered to be much more user-friendly than its `European` equivalent where no refund is awarded. This return is called La Partage and applies to all wagers placed with a payout of 1:1.

For information regarding these payouts, customers should seek out the rules secreted in the bottom left hand corner of the game window. To the left of the rules icon is the volume controller and the settings icon. Here the player can turn off the audio, sound effects, background music and fast play. The fourth icon in this sequence, and to the right of the instruction manual, is the auto-play function.

Players wishing to auto-play can place wagers on a number of spins in succession. By selecting the icon the user can select how many spins they want to play without stopping, whilst also clicking on the advanced settings option to stop the auto-play should they reach any of their pre-set limits. Should their win fund hit a particular seal, or their cash fund decrease too rapidly for example.

Players can keep an eye on their funds by using the display window in the centre of the bronze toolbar running along the bottom of the game window. The first category `Cash`, shows the amount of money the user has left in their account, whist section two `Bet` shows the amount that will be taken from their funds upon pressing the spin icon. Finally, the `Win` section displays how much the punter has picked up in the last round of betting. This will then be transferred to the `Cash` fund upon the end of the spin.

Wagers are placed using the series of coloured chips on the right of the bronze footer. Bets are placed by selecting the correct chip value and placing them in the preferred square on the roulette table before pressing the spin or quick spin icon. The blue chips have a cash value of 1 and increase incrementally with the biggest chip value being 100. A sign next to the green felt of the roulette table tells the punter that the minimum bet is 1 whilst they can lay down any value of chips up to 150.

Should the user mistakenly wager too many chips, or a chip of too higher value, they can use the grey delete chip. To wipe out every chip in their current bet, it is possible to select the clear bet tool located next to the prominently placed spin icon.

Above the selection of chips to the right of the game window is a table of hot and cold numbers. The table also shows the percentage of odd and even, and red and black numbers in the last 500 spins. Users can select the corresponding pockets by simply clicking on the hot or cold numbers section of the table, should they think the current trends will continue or falter.

For more information regarding the rules of French Roulette and how much money must be wagered on each selection please consult the rules manual in the bottom left hand corner of the bet365 game screen.

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