Hall of Gods

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Hall of Gods is a premium slot game concerned with all things mythical, every aspect of the game having some relationship to Norse mythology. The player must aim to align a series of five reels on which pictures of hammers and chests are printed alongside images of the mystical Germanic gods and goddesses of Thor, Idun and Odin. To complement this central conceit, the game is overlaid with sound effects clearly representing the waves and wind (Thor being said preside over such furious weather conditions). The area bordering the reels is suitably majestic with the outer edge and the control panel being decorated in pastel shades to replicate the sky and sea.

As usual, users can keep an eye on their remaining cash, the amount they have won and the amount they wish to bet thanks to the display windows in the centre of the grey game window footer. This toolbar is also home to a digital clock in the right hand corner and four settings icons. The first allows the player to control the audio variables whilst the second icon along is to adjust the volume levels. The rules can be found next before the user can customise the auto-play settings should they want to play a number of games in succession. There is a second auto-play button to the left of the prominently placed spin icon on the game specific control panel.

To the right of the spin icon is the maximum bet button for those who want to play the game at the maximum bet level at the pre-set coin value. The coin value dial, which can be increased and decreased as required is to the extreme right of the game window, whilst the changeable level display is positioned on the extreme left. Adapting these settings will have an effect on the amount of money that is placed so customers are advised to take notice of the bet display in the centre of grey footer before pressing the spin button. It is also worth checking out the paytable which will inform users of the prize pots that are up for grabs.

Whilst Hall of Gods shares these options with its premium slot counterparts, the key difference is that some lucky punters will get the chance to play a bonus game with an ever-increasing mega jackpot, a running total of which is present atop the game screen. By finding a bonus game emblem on either the third, fourth or fifth reel, the player will be taken to this area where they will be faced with 15 shields.

The user will then have to hit these shields with their received hammer to reveal a cash amount. Revealing three icons of the same value will see the customer win that particular amount. As well as the mega jackpot, participants may also uncover the generous midi jackpot, the slightly less lucrative mini jackpot or another set cash amount. Users will be pleased to learn that the bonus game can also be accessed during free spins. Fancying learning more about the bonus game? Press the feature preview button to the extreme right of the control panel.

Other than the bonus game, other icons to look out for include the scatter and wild symbols. Revealing three or more scatter tokens after a spin will see the player rewarded with a number of free spins. Ten spins can be earned by uncovering three scatter symbols, 15 can be exchanged for five and 20 spins are the reward for finding five. All winnings also earn three times as much thanks to the free spin multiplier. Wild symbols appear in reels two, three and four and allow the user more opportunities to win big money. More information about these rewards can be found by reading the rules or the relevant section in the paytable.

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