Jack and the Beanstalk

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Jack and the Beanstalk is a slot machine game based around the children`s fairytale of the same name. An introductory cutscene reminds older gamers of the story`s conceit, a young boy escapes from a sky-castle with the golden goose belonging to the giant who lives there. The boy is subsequently chased down the beanstalk that saw him reach the cloud-kingdom by the aforementioned giant who, in this version of the fictional story, is purple and two-headed.

The visual themes of the tale are carried through to the game screen with such items to be aligned including Jack and the giant themselves as well as the goat that Jack sold to receive the beanstalk-sprouting magic beans, the watering can used to make the wild plant grow and the axe used to chop it down. Also on the reels are a range of letters and numbers designed to look like folded leaves. Apart from these traditional symbols appearing on the reels, there are also three special tokens that set Jack and the Beanstalk apart from the other games on offer at Bet365. These are the treasure chest scatter symbols, the array of walking wild symbols and numerous goodies presented as part of the treasure collection.

Firstly, the customer will be in receipt of 10 free spins should they find three or more of the designated treasure chest scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. Players can also earn five more free spins every time they spot three more scatter symbols during these free sessions. These rounds are always played at the same bet level as the round that activated the session in the first instance. Walking wild symbols are usually square tokens with an image (a bag of coins, a golden goose, a harp etc.) before a deep red background and gold border. The punter is awarded one re-spin every time these offerings crop up in any of their reels. The walking element refers to the symbols` ability to move one reel to the left with every spin thereby earning punters an extra re-spin for as long as the token is present on one of the reels. What`s more, winning with a wild symbol will see Bet365 pay the customer three times the denoted prize on the paytable! Walking wilds substitute for all symbols except scatter and key symbols and appear, not only in the main game, but also during free spin sessions.

It is during free spins that gamers may come across the key symbol located on reel five of the machine. Upon collecting a particular number of these tokens the lucky punter will be in receipt of one of three special rewards.

The first reward, available upon accruing three keys, is the pair of stacked money bags with the second prize being the temporary ownership of three stacked hens. These symbols act in the same way as the walking wild tokens, offering punters free spins until they move to reel one. Subsequent re-spins are not offered in the presence of these emblems.

An expanding golden harp is presented to the user that collects nine key tokens. The harp, as its name suggests, expands to cover the whole of one reel thereby giving customers more chance of winning with a wild symbol.

More information on these rewards, and on the prize offerings for aligning three identical symbols can be found by accessing the paytable beneath the reels. Alternatively, the customer can find the rulebook in the bottom left hand corner of the game screen next to the game settings icon, the volume controller and the auto-play icon. Auto-play allows the customer to take successive turns of the reels until they reach a pre-set financial landmark.

Should the player be using auto-play or changing the bet level or coin value indicators, they should keep an eye on their funds using the display window at the bottom of the game screen.

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