Jackpot 6000

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Jackpot 6000 is the ultimate online slot machine game for those who cut their gambling teeth on old fruit machines in pubs, clubs and casinos. The usual layout of the Bet365 slot games has been replaced with a design that takes the shape of a slot machine in an old-fashioned casino.

The control panel that usually covers a third of the game window is no more. Instead, there are a series of buttons that replicate those that would be found on a real-life upright machine. Five of the seven buttons are emblazoned with words such as `Collect`, `Transfer` and `Bet`; `Max Bet` and `Spin` whilst the remaining two are printed with images signifying `Heads` and `Tails`. The `Collect` function allows players to remove their earnings should their total banked winnings be big enough to convince them to leave the current game without playing the bonus game of `Heads or Tails`.

The `Heads or Tails` feature dares the punter to risk all or part of their accumulated winnings on guessing the outcome of an equivalent to a 50/50 coin toss. The incentive for the plucky gambler is that a successful guess will see the stake doubled, though a losing selection will see the cash lost.

Should the user wish to gamble their winnings in their entirety, they should simply press the button depicting a head, or that showing a maple leaf (tails). Alternatively the punter can forego risking their hard-earn coins by hitting the `Collect` button, which will see the bonus feature game turned off and the customer able to continue spinning the reels.

Should the punter want to wager a portion of their total earnings, they can simply click on the `Transfer` button to move a sum of 20 coins from this game to their stack of safe cash. This button can be hit as many times as required to save the user`s preferred amount. Upon finishing transferring money, the player should then hit the head or tails option and cross their fingers. They can keep an eye on their winnings using the display window in the footer running the length of the game screen. This `Win` display is preceded by the punter`s remaining cash and the value of their current bet. This display should always be consulted before a wager is placed.

Prior to unlocking the `Heads or Tails` game, it is all about the traditional fruit machine challenge of trying to earn as much money as possible through aligning identical images on the three reels. Making a row of the three jester symbols will see the user pocket the largest amount on offer in accordance with the bet level staked.

Betting couldn`t be simpler with the two kinds of coin denomination displayed in the bottom right hand corner of the game window. Users must select either the 10P or 20P option and enter as many as they can afford into the machine.

By loading the machine with the maximum bet amount and winning, the customer will activate the `Supermeter Mode`. This second bonus feature sees the user pick up another stack of cash should the reels stop with two jokers visible or if they align another three identical symbols. The machine could then dispense any number of coins from 10 to 6,000.

Users of Jackpot 6000 should be au fait with the rules of the game. These can be accessed by selecting the question mark icon in the bottom left hand corner of the game screen. Further left is the volume control whilst opening the settings menu (extreme left) will see the punter able to turn on the fast play function or turn off the sound effects.

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