Lost Island

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Perhaps the biggest draw to Bet365`s Lost Island video slot game is the fact that the game offers players the chance to win five times extra on their bet win lines. Users receive these rewards by revealing up to five wild symbols. These tokens, displaying the word `Wild` before an open flower, pay out the highest possible winning combination with the number of wild symbols earned in a round being recorded on the bar in the top right hand corner of the game screen. Wilds can even appear as stacked symbols during free spin rounds, with such rounds unlocked by collecting three or more scatter symbols anywhere on the five reels in one turn. Easy to spot, the scatter symbols have the word `Scatter` displayed across a round gemstone.

Free spins are played with the same coin value and on the same level as the initial wager. Any subsequent free spins earned are added to the total number of rounds already accrued with the free spin sessions ending upon the user failing to rack up any more scatter symbols. Any funds collected from these rounds are added to the sum total of wins from the previous spin.

More information about the free spins, the scatter symbols and the wild tokens can be found by accessing the paytable on the left hand side of the game screen or the manual of rules located in the bottom left hand corner of the same window. To the right of the icon for these instructions is the auto-play function icon which, upon selection, allows users to play the slot for a number of successive rounds. By utilising this feature the customer will also be able to stop the reels from spinning should they be in receipt of a jackpot windfall or their account decrease in funds too rapidly.

To the left of the rules and regulations is the volume controller whilst the settings tool is tucked in the corner of the grey toolbar. By pressing the game settings option, the player will be privvy to a menu allowing them to turn on such functions as the quick spin or the spacebar-to-spin keyboard shortcut. They may also switch off the audio or turn down the graphics quality.

These graphics are representative of the Lost Island of the title. The game screen has a blue, purple colour palate with gold letters and numbers occupying the reels. The customer will also be looking to align are such tribal images as drums, gems and jewels. Any cash accrued from the successful alignment of any of the graphics will make its way into the display window at the bottom of the game screen in the `Win` category. Remaining cash will be visible in the `Cash` section whilst the value of the current bet will be seen in the middle `Bet` part of the window.

The player can change the value of their wager by increasing or decreasing the coin value and level sliders. The slider relevant to the game level is positioned to the right of the second, larger, auto-play function button whilst the coin value controller is to the right of the maximum bet option. Increasing the value of the coin will also see the number of available coins in the adjacent window decrease. Indeed, setting a higher level will see the number in the bet window to the extreme left increase. Always remember to check the amount in the bet display window at the bottom of the page.

Once an ideal bet amount has been reached, the customer can press the spin button, or the spacebar should the function be switched on, and cross their fingers!

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