Mega Fortune

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Mega Fortune is a Bet365 Vegas premium slot game that rewards big wins with a handsome payout. The lavish background design is reminiscent of a scene off the coast of Cannes whilst contained on the reels are images as varied as limousines, diamond-encrusted watches and American dollars. Aligning three or more of these emblems will see the lucky punter walk away with a cash prize.

To help in the accumulation of cash are a number of special tokens which present punters with rewards upon appearing on the table. These are scatter, wild and bonus symbols with more information on these elements being found in the paytable as signposted beneath the machine`s reels. The game`s rulebook is located in the bottom left hand corner of the game window.

Upon collecting three or more scatter symbols, the player will be in receipt of an amount of free spins. Should they win whilst playing this round of turns they will also receive a multiplier boosting the value of their win.

Players must click on one of the free spin tokens to reveal the number of spins they have unlocked and the size of the multiplier that will be applied. This multiplier will be between one- and five-times the prize size as noted in the paytable. It is also possible to win additional free spins whilst playing in a free session. Finding another two or more scatter symbols during such a round will give the user extra spins or an additional multiplier which will be added to the current multiplier used.

Wild symbols, represented by a speedboat, substitute for all symbols except the other two (bonus and scatter) special tokens. These act in the traditional way though there`s also a massive 10,000 coins up for grabs should a lucky punter align five. Finding three or more bonus symbols on a bet line sees the user unlock the Mega Fortune bonus game in which the player gets the chance to scoop the progressive jackpots that run along the top of the game screen. During this bonus feature the punter will see a large wheel made up of three individual wheels. The outermost wheel will be spinning and it is up to the user to stop the wheel at any time to bag a cash win or move to the slightly smaller interior wheel which holds bigger wins. Should the wheel stop on an arrow the player moves on to this smaller wheel and the rules are repeated until one of the wheel stops on a cash amount or the user reaches the Mega Jackpot symbol at the centre of the machine.

Punters can gain also access to this feature game through free spin sessions. The outcome is calculated by a random number generator with the wins proportional to the bet level at which the customer was betting at prior to the unlocking of the round. It is possible to preview the feature by selecting the denoted icon in the bottom right hand corner of the window.

Unlike similar games, the coin values, number of bet lines and the bet level aren`t changed by using `up` and `down` arrows. Instead the player should press the relevant icon and see the value change in the corresponding section of the first display window. Anyone intent on doing this should also keep one eye on their finances using the second display window, located beneath the first, the size of the bet held in the `Bet` area next to the player`s remaining funds (`Cash`). All wins are held in the `Win` section before being transferred to the cash area.

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