Mythic Maiden

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There`s a haunting feeling induced by the look of Mythic Maiden video slot game. The symbols that appear on the five reels include mouse skulls, severed hands, spiders and old-fashioned candles shaped into different numbers and letters. There`s a haunted house scene behind the reels whilst a spooky mask and chest (the `iron maiden) take up most of the right hand side of the window. This is where any multipliers accrued will be displayed. The tone is complemented by the sounds of wind and creaking doors played for the duration of the user`s stay.

Whilst such a design will prove attractive to some customers, many more will be drawn to the game thanks to its trio of generous offers. Selecting the paytable immediately underneath the reels will see the new punter introduced to such symbols as the scatter and wild symbols and how they can unlock the chance to earn free spins. Further guidelines concerning these treats can be read through upon selecting the `?` icon in the bottom left corner of the game window. For quick snippets of information on the payout of a particular symbol, users should simply click on the relevant symbol on the reel and read about how many coins will be released upon them aligning three, four or five of the same emblems.

Players will be in receipt of an amount of free spins upon finding either three, four or five scatter symbols anywhere on the five reels at any one time. The scatter symbols can`t be missed and are represented by two rotating orbs. Collecting three of these tokens will earn 10 free spins, whilst four will see the user pick up 15. The reels showing all five available scatter symbols will, however, mean that the customer will receive the maximum of 30 free spins. If that`s not enough, additional spins can also be earnt during these sessions! Punters will also unlock multipliers of up 10X and another couple of free spins. These will be displayed in the iron maiden.

Wild tokens can also be found on the machine. These take the look of a skull inside a flashing moon and multiplies all wins on the row on which it features by three.

Customers can note their accumulated winnings by keeping an eye on the `Win` section in the display window on the grey toolbar that runs the length of the game screen. The `Cash` display shows the user`s remaining funds whilst the middle part headed `Bet` will tell the punter of how much money they are currently betting. Alter the `Lines`, `Level` and `Coin Value` indicators to see this bet amount rise and fall accordingly. The latter variable will also change the number in the `Coins` window, whilst the first two categories will alter the figure in the `Bet` window.

Be aware to always check the wager before pressing the large green spin button in the centre of the control panel. Not doing so may see the user bet more money than they wanted.

The final function that may be of interest to punters is the auto-play tool. There are two ways of accessing this feature, one by opening the `auto` icon in the bottom left hand corner of the footer, the other by selecting the `Auto-play` button to the left of the spin option.

Auto-play allows users to bet on successive spins, from 10 up to 750! By choosing advanced settings upon clicking on one of the auto-play icons the punter will be able to stop the turning of the reels should a free spin be uncovered or should their finances exceed or fall below a certain limit.

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