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The Oasis Poker Professional Series game on Bet365 Vegas is styled in much the same way as the site`s other online card games. The window is designed to replicate the green felt of an actual card table in a real life casino and is emblazoned with three betting areas; `Draw Cost`, `Ante` and `Call`. The table also reveals two pieces of key game-related information.

A sign in the top left hand corner of the table tells the punter that the smallest ante bet that can be placed is 1, whilst the biggest wager eligible to be staked is 40. By hovering over this sign, the customer can also access the paytable that tells the user how each hand is ranked whilst also showing them how much money can be earned from beating the dealer.

A message printed on the felt of the table also tells the gamer that the dealer `qualifies with Ace+King or higher`, a salient piece of information for players new and old. Clicking on the rules guidebook in the bottom left hand corner of the gamescreen will give the player further information regarding the paytable and the various rules of the game.

This style of poker is, though, quite easy to learn and also enjoyable if played responsibly. Upon making an ante bet, both the customer and dealer will be dealt five cards. Quite naturally, the user will be able to see all the cards in their hand, whilst also being privy to one of their opponent`s cards.

At this point the player will be asked whether they would like to call, fold or pay a fee to swap any number of cards. The cost of replacing one card is paying the ante again, swapping two or four cards is twice the ante whilst the user can expect to pay three times the value of the ante to swap three of their cards. To change all five cards the punter must pay the ante but will be forced to call.

Upon changing the desired cards, the player will then be asked whether to call, which equates to betting twice the original ante stake, or fold thereby sacrificing all money staked. Calling will see the dealer`s remaining four cards uncovered.

At this point the winner, who holds the highest ranking of hands in accordance with the paytable, wins. On winning, the user will receive the corresponding amount for their rank of hand, again according to the paytable. Should the dealer be victorious, the player will lose all the money gambled though will receive their chips back in the event of a tie.

Chips can be found in 1, 5 and 10 denominations in the bottom right of the game screen. The selected chip value can then moved to the relevant area to place a bet. A grey chip is also available for punters to delete any misplaced wagers.

Next to these chips in the user`s control panel is the three-part display window that keeps tabs on the player`s remaining funds (`Cash`), how much they are currently staking (`Bet`) and how much they won during the last hand (`Win`). It is important for the customer to check the `Bet` section before pressing the round deal button to ensure that they have not misplaced any chips and are not staking more than they can afford. Also featured in the footer, on the extreme right, are the aforementioned rulebook, a volume controller and the game settings icon that allows the player to turn off the audio or sound effects or background music and/ or increase or decrease the speed of the game play.

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