Red Dog Progressive

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Red Dog Progressive is another of Bet365 Vegas` card games and is presented in a similar style to the nine other table and card games they offer. The largest part of the game screen is taken up by the green felt of the playing table emblazoned with the ante and raise betting areas and a section dedicated to the spread of numbers. The table also has a notice informing customers of the uppermost and lowermost wagering limits, those being 100 and 1. The 2,000 progressive ante limit is also stated clearly on the felt. Chips are moved onto the table from the bronze footer. These chips come in denominations of 1, 5, 10 and 100 and there is also a grey bet deletion chip should the punter misplace a bet or lay down a chip of too high or too low a value.

It is possible to check on the value of the current bet by taking a look at the three-part display window, also located in the bronze footer. In the first section (`Cash`) is the player`s funds with the amount they`re about to wager being displayed in the `Bet` space. Any winnings earned will be loaded into the `Win` section before being transferred to the player`s remaining funds. To the left of this tool are three icons. In the leftmost corner is the game settings icon allowing punters to turn off such things as the game`s sound effects, the fast play function and the progressive bet feature. Progressive betting sees the player keep their winnings on the table and use them for wagering in the next round. It is not possible to turn this feature on or off during an active game.

Next to the game settings icon is the volume controller with an instruction manual being placed to the right of that. This guidebook contains a paytable though this can also be found below the number spread on the green felt of the table. The aim of the game is to be in receipt of a card with a value in between those of the initial two cards pulled from the deck. All cards featured in Red Dog Progressive follow standard poker values.

Each game begins with three cards being drawn, two face up and the third facing down with the player betting on the spread between the two cards face up and the odds of the third card having a value between the first two drawn.

Should the third card be identical to one of the pair drawn, or should it be outside the spread of the first two cards, the table is declared the winner. The first two cards being identical means that the player could choose to wager on the third also being identical - three of a kind. A successful three of a kind bet has a payout of 11 to 1, though, in this case, it is not possible to raise the original bet.

The hand is a push should the two cards placed be consecutive. This means that neither punter nor table loses but the bet remains on the table with a new hand automatically dealt.

Once the two cards tabled are adjudged not to be either equal or consecutive, it is now possible to raise the initial wager depending on the player`s confidence on the third card falling between the two values. The punter should be aware that should they click the raise icon, their bet will double automatically.

Should the progressive betting feature be switched off, the customer can select `New Bet` to remove both their winnings and original wager from the table. Re-betting allows them to collect their earnings but leave their original bet active.

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