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Bet365`s Roulette Advanced is a no frills roulette simulator game that aims to replicate the experience of betting in a real-life casino. Most of the game window is taken up by the green felt of the roulette table, the wheel itself being positioned in the top left hand corner. The gold lettering of the table and the brass knobs on the roulette wheel all contribute to a high-end design, this look being topped off by the swinging lounge music that is played throughout the duration of the user`s stay.

The bronze footer is positioned beneath the green felt play area and is home to a display window that allows the user to see how much cash they have, how much they are currently betting and how much they have won. To the right of this three-part window is the four chip denominations with currency values of 1, 5, 25 and 100. There is also the grey removal chip allows customers to delete misplaced wagers before the commencement of the game.

On the extreme left of this toolbar are all the elements needed to allow the user to change their gameplay experience. Such things as audio, sound effects and background music can be changed using the `settings` icon placed next to the volume adjuster. Aspects of gameplay that can also be customised using the settings tool include the fast play function, the special bets panel and the number of neighbour bets a play can make. The rules of the game and the auto-play function follow the volume controller on the toolbar. This final tool sees the player indulge in a number of roulette spins in succession without interruption whilst also allowing the customer to stop the wheel spinning should their accumulated winnings reach a certain limit.

In the centre of the screen, above the aforementioned cash displays are three buttons. The middle button is to spin the wheel and should be chosen once all bets have been placed. This is flanked on the left by the self-evident quick spin option. On its right is the clear bet icon that sees punters wipe all placed bets from the table prior to play taking place.

To the extreme left of these buttons is the special bets window which presents the `hot` and `cold` numbers as well as the percentage regarding how many times the ball has landed in odd and even pockets. This panel allows the player to make quick bets should they think that the next game will follow, or halt, the trend of the previous rounds.

Upon placing a bet, whether using the special bet panel or by the traditional means of moving the chips to the relevant square or racetrack area, the winning pocket will be signified with a dolly. The simulator will then ask the user whether or not they would like to bet the same amount again, or place a new bet on one of the 37 pockets.

The aforementioned racetrack section that is present above the more recognisable roulette betting area mimics the shape and layout of a roulette wheel on the green felt. It allows the customer to place such bets as `neighbour` wagers, giving the player the chance to bet on a spread of numbers, a customisable buffer should the ball miss the punter`s selected pocket by one, two, three or more. Interested parties should read the rules manual regarding these particular kinds of bets on the racetrack. It is here where they will learn how much they must wager on each kind of bet and how much they will see in return.

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