Space Wars

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The conceit of the Space Wars arcade game is evident from its title. The player is introduced to a series of anthropomorphic aliens through the introductory cutscene that reinforces the game`s key stylistic concern. Also helping reaffirm this `Space Wars` illusion are the `zapping` sound effects and music typical of films that deal with such other-worldly battles. These audio aspects can be heard for as long as the player plays the game.

The space creatures present in the non-playable opening sequence are then replicated on the five spinning reels of the slot, the user`s key aim being to match those identical aliens to win a cash prize. Players will be informed of their achievement, should they manage to land a line of characters, thanks to the blue ray-gun-like beam that connects the reels before their hard-won cash is displayed in the win window in the off-purple footer. Also displayed in this window are the player`s remaining amount of cash and the total value of their current bet.

This latter figure is altered when the user changes the numbers appearing in the `Level` and `Coin Value` display boxes. Such actions can be performed by using the arrows either side of the relevant windows. Increasing the coin value amount will see the number of coins at the player`s disposal decrease, whilst amending the level will see a greater figure appear in the bet box to the extreme left of the screen.

Between the level and coin value controllers are three buttons, the most prominent being the large spin dial used for commencing the spinning of the reels once the customer`s preferred bet has been placed. To the right of this is the option for users to wager the maximum possible bet at the level at which they are playing, whilst one of the two auto-play toggles is to the left.

Auto-play allows the user to indulge in successive spins of the reels at the same level and coin value as their initial wager. By selecting the auto-play tool, the customer will be able to choose how many times they would like the machine to spin, as well as having the ability to stop the reels should their funds exceed or drop below certain financial limits. A second auto-play button can be found next to the instructional manual, volume control and settings menu on the off-purple toolbar running across the bottom of the game screen.

Using the settings menu, tucked in the left had corner of this footer, punters can change the audio features and turn down the quality of the presented graphics. They can also turn on the spacebar-to-spin function, thereby speeding up gameplay.

Whilst new players will be eager to begin spinning, they should first check out the paytable, which explains the purpose of the `wild` symbols, how to obtain re-spins and how much will be paid out upon the alignment of a particular configuration of characters. In short, wild symbols, which appear only on reels two and four, pay the highest possible winning combinations in line with the prize structure as set out in the paytable. Re-spins are earned with each bet line win and are played at the same level and with the same coin value as the initial bet. Upon being activated, re-spins will appear in the cloning pod up the right hand side of the game screen. The paytable can be found just above the bet window on the extreme right, though the user can also find out about the properties of each monster and/ or symbol by simply clicking on its image before starting the reels turning.

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