The Demolition Squad

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The Demolition Squad video slot is an attraction for those who like their Bet365 Vegas games with a hint of manual labour. As well as trying to match a series of numbers and letters over the five reels, players will also be attempting to create a link of construction site workers. These cartoon visuals are complemented by the familiar building site sound effects and a soundtrack of rock music. Should the coarseness of this audio be off-putting, the music and effects can be switched off using the settings option in the bottom right hand corner of the game window. This settings menu can also be utilised in order to turn on the quick spin function and the keyboard shortcuts whilst also allowing the user to switch off the intro screen or turn down the graphics quality.

The toolbar on which the settings menu can be accessed is also home to the volume control, the rules guide and an auto-play feature. It also displays the time and the amounts cashed in, bet with and won. Above this grey footer is the game-specific control panel where the player can increase or decrease such things as the game`s level of difficulty and the value of the coins. It is here where they can also read the details of the paytable as well as keeping an eye on the number of coins available in relation to the coin value they have selected. An alternative to reading the paytable information in its entirety is to click on a visible reel symbol, which will then take the users to the relevant payout information for that particular emblem.

The play button is positioned prominently in the middle of the window and is bookended by another auto-play button, allowing the player to spin the reels a number of times in succession, and a maximum bet switch. This option plays the game at the highest available bet level.

Far from being a standard online slot machine game, the Demolition Squad also offers players the chance to increase their earning opportunities thanks to such features as wild symbols, Demolition wild emblems and free-spin offerings. All the above treats can be found randomly at any time throughout the course of the game on any number of the game-play reels.

Wild symbols, for example, appear sporadically though frequently on reels two, three and four, taking the place of all symbols apart from those denoting the `scatter` award. Appearing in any of the five reels, three or more of these scatter symbols will be tallied up and transformed into a rather handy free spin. Other than being free, free spins are useful in so far as they see all prize winnings are multiplied by three as well as giving the players the opportunity to earn addition free turns during their free spin play. They must, however, only be played with the same preconditions (bet level and coin value) selected.

All tokens, other than those wild symbols, arranged in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal fashion are converted into demolition wild symbols. They can also be seen when the wild symbols occur in the same row of reels two and four, both these tokens and that on reel three all becoming demolition wild symbols. Transformed scatter symbols will still have the same properties as scatter symbols with any free spins earned being played after the revelation of the demolition wild prize.

In all circumstances, all bet line wins are multiplied by the number of coins wagered per line, this total then being subject to any additional multipliers picked up during game play. Converting this into currency means multiplying the win in coins by the value of these coins. Be aware that only the highest win per active line is paid out. Find out more about these win stipulations by visiting the paytable as clearly marked on the game screen or by visiting the rules, to the left of the grey footer.

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