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Twin Spin is perhaps the most `Vegas` of Bet365`s Vegas games. The music is jazzy and the graphics bold, even lighting up as though they are before a series of exploding fireworks. Should the music be distracting, or not to the user`s taste, it can be turned down or muted using the volume controller or game settings icons in the bottom left corner of the game screen. It is the game settings icon that the player the option to also turn down the quality of the images should they wish. To the right of these functions are both the rulebook, covering all aspects of Twin Spin game play, and access to the auto-play mode.

Auto-play sees users make consecutive turns of the reels at the pre-set level and coin value. By utilising the auto-play function, the player can set the machine to their ideal number of rounds, be it 10, 25 or 1,000, and even set conditions which will cause the reels to stop spinning. Selecting the advanced settings option sees a new menu appear which the punter can use to stop auto-play should they win, should a single win exceed a certain amount or if their remaining cash increases or decreases by a pre-decided limit. Auto-play can also be accessed by clicking on the green button to the left of the round spin icon.

The rule manual takes the player through all the nuances of the game prior to them wagering any of their hard-earned cash. It will be beneficial for the user to be au fait with the twin reel feature, Twin Spin`s USP, before they begin their gaming experience.

All spins begin with two identical reels being linked together and spinning at the same time. They may appear in place of any two of the five standard reels though at any point during a spin they may then fuse themselves on to a third, fourth or even fifth reel, thereby increasing the customer`s chance of picking up a big money win. Twin Spin boasts of 243 betways. The number of reels the user gets linked together is random with more rules concerning this feature available in the manual in the bottom left hand corner of the game window.

It is also worth the punter`s while to access the paytable using the green `i` icon beneath the reels. It is here where they can learn more about the value of aligning three, four and five identical numbers, letters and symbols as well as being given more information on the twin reel feature. The customer can also find out the individual value of each emblem by simply clicking on the design prior to spinning the reels. This will then reveal an information box stating how much can be won by lining up a number of the same symbols.

Before committing any money to the machine always check out the three-part window in the footer at the bottom of the game window. It is here where the player can find out how much money they have remaining (`Cash`), how much money they are currently betting (`Bet`) and how much money they won in their last spin (`Win`).

The central section of the display screen entitled `Bet` is altered with the increasing and decreasing of the coin value and level indicators so it is always advised that the user keeps an eye on this central window to ensure that they can afford the bet they are about to place. Likewise, the max bet tool which allows the punter to easily commit the maximum possible wager at the set level and coin value to the pot.

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