TXS Hold`em Professional Series

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The design of Bet365`s TXS Hold`em Professional Series game is similar to the other available card games made by Net Entertainment. Much of the game screen replicates the green felt of a real-life casino poker table imprinted with the ante area for committing the stake necessary to play. Also denoted on the table are the areas where further wagers will be placed (`Flop`, `Turn` and `River`).

These spaces are also inscribed with the words `Call` and `Bet` to inform the inexperienced user of when they will be expected to lay down a bet.

The other important visual on the table is the notice reading,

`1 MIN
40 MAX`

This is a generous reminder of the ante bet limitations imposed on the game. All bets can be placed by using the three chip denominations in the right hand corner of the screen. Blue chips have a currency value of one, red chips of five and yellow chips of ten. Should the customer misplace an amount chips or lay down an ante bet using a too high a value, they have the luxury of employing the grey delete chip to remove their unwanted wager.

Users can keep an eye on the size of their bet by checking the display window in the centre of the toolbar running the length of the game screen. The bet size will be displayed in the central section of the display whilst their remaining cash is shown to its left. To its right are any winnings received in the last hand.

It is worth noting that the flop bet, i.e. the second bet that the gamer will make, is always twice the value of the original ante bet. With the turn (third) and river (fourth) wagers equal to the ante bet. There is always the option to check (continue without betting) or fold thereby surrendering all chips placed.

Full game rules including more information on betting can be accessed by clicking on the question mark icon that is located in the left hand corner of the grey footer.

To the extreme left of the rules icon is the volume controller and the settings menu allowing the user to turn off such audio elements as the lounge music and sound effects. This also offers the player the chance to customise their experience by altering the game speed.

Texas Hold`em begins with the punter making an ante bet before they press the deal button placed prominently in the centre of the player`s control panel. They will then be in receipt of their two cards. The dealer will also be dealt two, though these will be facing down.

Upon seeing their first two cards, the user must then decide whether to make the flop bet to continue or whether to fold and lose the money already placed. Should they continue, there will be three community cards dealt with the punter then making a further choice, having to decide to place a another bet or `check`. This scenario is mimicked once more with the revelation of a card on the river before the fifth and final community card is turned.

The aim of this style of poker is to have a better-ranked five card hand than the dealer. The hands consist of the two cards initially given and any three of the community cards dealt. As Bet365`s rules don`t give any more information regarding the rankings of hands, the inexperienced player will be best off finding a list of standard rankings and keeping this beside them as they play.

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