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A short sequence takes the user into the Aladdin`s cave of the game screen. It is this, Aladdin and the infamous genie, that is the dominant theme of `Wish Maker`. The design of the reels, the background imagery and the buttons all being evocative of the mystery of the Arabian Nights folk tale.

As with all of Bet365 Vegas` slot machine games, the aim of the exercise is to line up the identical letters, numbers and images with the intention of earning a prize. Players can find how much each symbol is worth by clicking on the emblem. This will reveal the amounts available for lining up three, four or five of the same image in the same row. Alternatively, the customer can make their way over to the `i` button beneath the reels to the left hand side of the screen and scroll through the instructions until they get to the paytable. Further rules of play can be found in the bottom left hand corner of the grey footer. By selecting the `?` icon, users can check out genera game play information as well as how to unlock and play the `Wish Master Bonus Feature`.

The bonus feature can be accessed once a scatter symbol appears on any part of the reels causing the genie to come forth from his lamp in the bottom right hand corner of the window. Such an occurrence will then see the user treated to one of the following treats for their next 10 spins.

An ordinary symbol may be replaced with a wild symbol, two floating wilds may appear on the reels or the wilds already present may be transformed into floating wilds that expand to the size of the full reel. The user may also receive a benefit in the shape of a two-time or three-time multiplier with a six-time prize multiplier being employed should both two- and three-time multipliers already be in use. The customer could also win a reel full of wild symbols.

Each activated feature will be present in the top-left of the game window and is in use for 10 spins only. Should another scatter symbol be seen on the reels during spinning, both features will be employed and another five turns be added. Up to three special features can be used, with the oldest emblem being replaced for every subsequent scatter token found. The feature inventory cannot, however, contain two features of the same sort and the game must be played at the same bet level and coin value as the initial stake during which the scatter symbol was spotted.

To the left of the rulebook is the game settings icon and the volume controller, the former allowing the user to turn on the quick spin function or to turn off, or down, such aspects as the game`s audio and the graphics quality. On the right of the Wish Maker rulebook is the auto-play icon which sees customers able to make successive spins off the reels and stop the function once their cash has exceeded or dropped below a pre-entered figure. A second auto-play button is located to the left of the round spin button that is prominently placed in the centre of the user`s control panel.

Another useful feature is the display window that allows customers the chance to see their remaining cash, how much they`re betting and the amount of cash they picked up in the previous spin or spins. The `Bet` display increases and decreases with the changing of the coin value and level indicators so it always pays for the user to keep one eye on this window, to ensure they are only betting what they can afford to lose.

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