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Foxy Bingo

Collect Up To £20 Free

Foxy Bingo are currently offering £20 free when you deposit £10 (200% deposit bonus). The maximum bonus you can receive is £100 (by depositing £50). This is offered only on your first deposit.

bonus format: [£10 >> £20F]

Full Review


Interested in a bingo site that offers a service tailor made for a specific clientele and backed by a big name company? Take a look at what we have to say in this review of the Foxy Bingo site, which bills itself as one of the biggest names in online bingo.

About Foxy Bingo

The Foxy Bingo site is developed by Getminted, which is a part of the GlobalCom gaming company. This name has been in the industry a long time, something we like to see in any site due to the peace of mind it ensures players.

The unique thing about Foxy is that it is specifically designed for the fairer sex. A look around the Internet will show you a lot of sites obviously catering to a male clientele, not so with Foxy. The site is warm, welcoming, imaginative, and even includes its own National Ladies Day celebrations. The landing page sets the tone for the site, with a mix of ladies cha-chaing on the dance floor. Youíll also find a lot of female oriented content, including chat rooms dedicated to specific topics such as reality television and diets. There are places to read about Foxy winners, and Foxy even bills celebrities from your favourite UK television shows from time to time in live chat!

Confused by all the terminology you hear thrown around by the callers in the different 90 ball bingo rooms at Foxy? Well, we like to see the sections of the Community site that explained not only the rules of the bingo game, but the different terms used by the callers as well. Never wonder what is meant by Garden Gate again!

The site itself is well put together. The aforementioned disco floor is backdropped in a muted purple, another indication of the siteís target market. The navigation is easy and thereís enough flash to make things fun, but not enough to distract or heaven forbid slow down the load up time of the page! Itís also nice to see a quick scroll of all the latest winners to give hope to every player who signs up to the site.

Foxy Bingo Bonus

Another easily accessed part of the Foxy site are the bonuses. The Welcome Bonus means that new players have a chance to play more than 400 games (the ticket prices are more than reasonable!) off site money with a £20 credit. There is a regular depositor bonus as well, but perhaps most exciting is the Foxy Bingo cruise. 130 of the siteís most dedicated players take a four day bingo cruise to Bilbao, every year. There are also monthly million dollar jackpots and a membership scheme to boot!

Signing up for the Foxy Bingo experience is little trouble. It involves a quick registration of your vital statistics, a first deposit, and then you start selecting your games. All the games on Foxy follow the BINGO pattern Ė instead of a line or line combinations, you have to make a certain pattern. In our opinion, it makes things a bit livelier than the standard bingo game. The pattern itself is determined by the callerís draw at the start of the game, so it is entirely random and changes every time.

If multi ticket action appeals to you when it comes to bingo, Foxy will delight you indeed. Any player can purchase up to 24 tickets at once in any given game. With minimum prices set at ten pence per ticket, you will be able to play a lot of bingo without draining your bankroll. With the automatic dauber, you donít have to worry about missed blocks either!

Foxy bingo is a fun site with a nice, stripped down feel. Itís a great place to socialize, pick up some gossip, and of course to play bingo!

User Reviews

I joined, And got £5 free, and by the end of the night i won £150! Such a happy chappy!


like to join , but everytime i get on a foxy bingo site to join there is no slide to move the page up & down


Let`s get winning ng. Please xx


Is anyone else having trouble getting on


how do i join ?

diane morris

I love bingo and play every day if i get my free 10 pound free i play every day

tara stewart

want to sign up but for some reason it wont let me can u please help me many thanks tara

Gavin Cashman

I want to win money to put towards a new car and go on holiday.


I want to join

Wendy Leigh

Hi. Like many others on this site I have not received my £20 sign up bonus which your advertising with NO deposit required. Please tell me how I go about getting it. TY

Kirtis myatt

I have registered and it hasnt gave me my free £20 welcome bonus


I joined and was told I`d get 30 free but it hasn`t gone onto my account yet, hope it does as that`s why I joined

Ian Johnson

I can`t wait to get started

Angela Mooney

They won`t let me in as I keep going to join now you an I just keep putting my details in an I get nothing at all as there should be someone to help once that you have done that they should contact you to see if everything is right .

lorna thornhill

Joined foxy 2nite got my 20 pounds deposit was playing for 10 mins then left the room to go into another game now its not letting me go on at all


Can`t get to sign in to play. I would like my deposit back if this continues.

Ben Robetts

I havent had the option to entre my card details and i havent recieved my free £20


I`m unsure about foxy bingo due to I wanted to play four cards I payed for them then it said cannot play didn`t refund the money it took off me although I didn`t also stated £20 free when u join no deposit required I didn`t get this

Ahmed Akmal

I play Online Webcam Bingo its fun!


i went on foxy and asked about the 20pound free and was told there was no offer without depositing first,

jade ravenwolf

tried 5 times to fill out details 5 times it emptied and had to redo ! so you can forget it once should be enough its ridiculous get it sorted if you want people to join


just registed but i havnt recieved my 20 pound free before i depossit anything why ????


have playd on foxy for years cant get in states internet page not available thought at first it was a one off bu keeps happening

ben fox

i love foxy,love the name and think its just smashing

margaret odonnell

i am looking forward to play foxy bingo

Lorna Nicholson

I registered and will get £10 to start but now I see there is a £20 no deposit, can I get this? Lorna Nicholson

gregg nicholson

just registered to recieve your 20 pound no deposit bingo nothing happening what do I do next thanks gregg


Trying to join foxy bingo



Wouldnt bother if you start winning too much they ban you


cant wait to getting playing hopefully i get my free £20 as soon as i register


cant sem to put a deposit in


Try Bingo on the Box £15 Free with a 300% first deposit. Great Value.

sharon warner

i want to join now

tracey cook

i can get on but once i log of iyt takes me ages to get back on

natalie korie

cant wait to stat playing

sandra mccallum

cant wait to play

keith harris

please foxy can you give me my free £20 for registering with you, as i cant wait to start playing.


I am trying to register to play and cant just fancied a game of bingo

thelma bayliss

i signed up a while ago and have never had my twenty pound free play


would love to play but can`t get on


hoping to join straight away. am disabled myself, but one of my carers keeps saying how good it is, and that she has won small and large amounts, and had fun doing it!!!


it will be nice to play foxy bingo


ive been trying to get on the site for bays i am blocked plz un block me foxy


i like to join the fun

denise floyd

love to join but carnt get on


Cnt get on it keeps sayin remove cmtent control


i love foxy he rocks luvya foxy baby.


i fink foxy bingo is sikkk

susan dolman

cant seem to get conncted it keeps saying you people have to check content control can you please do this as i would like to join in thankyou

susan dolman

i would like to join in but cant i cant get it on


i love foxy bingo but for some reason i cant get it on

atri mahmudi

tanks you


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