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Posted: 09 October 2006 at 07:32 | IP Logged Quote beck

Hi This is a basic journal for me, right now I'm working on a bunch of bodyweight skills, including planches, one-armed dips, one-armed pullups, front levers, l-sits, normal handstands (without the wall) and one-armed handstand pushups (on the wall).

I'm 31 years old, a busy dad who works from home, and I'm 6'0" and about 170 pounds (so pretty lean ;-) ), which is helpful for the bodyweight stuff. A few years ago I quit lifting weights due to issues with my back, shoulders, and wrists, and since then I've noticed my shoulders and legs especially have lost a bunch of mass. That's ok though, now i'm working on a different sort of routine as I have time.
Currently I can do  the basic tuck planches (about 10 pushups or so max, sometimes more, sometimes less ) in the tuck planche. I can hold an l-sit for around 15-20 seconds, and i can do partial (legs still bent) front levers for about 5-10 seconds. (or 1 leg straight and one bent). I can hold a 1-arm counter dip hold (basically get hold of your kitchen counter edge and  support yourself with one hand, no legs on the floor) for about 20 seconds on each side, and do partial dips (maybe 1 or 2 inches down). I have to use my legs against the counter side to stabilize. I'm also able to hold a 1-arm handstand for a while, and do partial pushups (like with the dip, only a couple inches down).  This past year since I posted here the first time I've seen my skill level go up with these types of holds. I'm not waiting to be able to hold 60 seconds in a position before I go to the next one, I just try to progress whenever I can.
I had some serious issues with my shoulder and wrists in the past year though, too, so I had to simplify my workout .
Here's my current routine:
Tuesday and Friday:
long rests between exercises, i do it while i work.

handstand hold (try to do it without the wall, not too great with this yet). - 1 try for maybe 20-30 seconds.

finger pushups - to strengthen my fingertips - 1 set of around 10 or more

advanced tuck planche -- pretty ugly right now, i'm having trouble fully extending my arms, but its' coming. I'm up to almost 3 or 4 seconds i think.

basic tuck planche pushups - 5 or more (as many as I can do)

1-arm handstand hold, with attempts to do partial pushups, a couple on each side.

1-arm pullup hold, i use a towel with my doorway pullup bar, and pull myself up unevenly with one hand on the bar, holding the towel with the other, then let go of the towel until i'm hanging on with as little strength as I can on the towel hand.
This move is getting better but needs more work.

front lever hold - i do it with bent knees, and sometimes extend one leg.
I can hold for a few seconds only.

1-arm countertop dip hold with partial pushups, about 10 seconds on each side, with maybe two partial (2 inches down or so) dips.

bodyweight squats, 1-leg bodyweight squats.
I gave up on training pistols as going deep causes my knees to make bad crunching noises and I'm worried about them. I stay pretty high (above parallel) on both two and one-leg squats, and i just do more reps.

L-sits - 1 set of 10-20 secs, then i do another set on my fingertips

Swiss ball crunches and twisting crunches

stretching every day


kickboxing training - i focus on getting good form from my kicks and punches, so i do about 20 or thirty front/side/roundhouse/crescent/reverse-crescent/and spinning heel kicks, along with normal boxing style punches (a lot of close-in hooks too, for my shoulders and i try to  really feel it in my shoulders, really snap it).

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Posted: 10 October 2006 at 22:41 | IP Logged Quote ah_dut

Feel it in your shoulders? I swear your shoulders only really get tired from the action of holding your hands least for me. The power for me comes from the hip. Bad communication?
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Posted: 10 October 2006 at 23:20 | IP Logged Quote beck

probably bad communication. I meant that i try to whip my shoulders in close hooks, and that's how i can focus on engaging the muscles in the shoulder more effectively without hurting them. Everybody has a different approach i suppose.
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