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Direct Line offer a range of discounts and product innovations, all aimed at bringing down the cost of car insurance.

  • Get a 10% discount when booking online
  • Named Driver No Claims Discount - If your a named driver you still get to build up your no claims. Directline is the 1st major insurance company in the UK that recognises this for named drivers.
  • Uninsured Driver Promise. If you claim for an accident that isn't your fault and the driver of the car that hit you is uninsured, you will not have to pay any excess or lose your no claims discount.
  • Revieve an extra discount if you insure a 2nd vechical with Direcline. You will get a further 10% for a 2nd vechical and 5% for any others.

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I got to say I had excellent service with direct line. Someone reversed in to me at a junction and they provided me with a brand new 4x4 as a courtesy car. Shortly after I got my car back looking cleaner than ever, I was impressed.

Direct line have been good and customer service has been great. Although I have never made a claim with them, so I don`t know how speedy they will be with that.

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