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This Report: 19/03/2018 10:28:55

Frixo Traffic Updated: 19/11/2016 11:35:40

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Detailed Speed Report

Clear We Have detected that Gungrog is completely free of traffic at the moment.
Below shows traffic details for all motorway junctions in Gungrog.

* A5 northbound between B5069 and B5070 [49mph]

* A458 westbound between A5 near Shrewsbury (west) and Welsh border [52mph]

* A5 northbound between A483 and A495 [48mph]

* A5 southbound between B5070 and B5069 [55mph]

* A458 eastbound between Welsh border and A5 near Shrewsbury (west) [57mph]

* A5 northbound between A458 near Shrewsbury (west) and B4396 [58mph]

Gungrog Travel News

Clear There are currently no incidents reported in Gungrog.

Current Gungrog Delays - Slow Moving Traffic

Clear Currenly we do not have any reports of any slow moving traffic in Gungrog.

Average Speed Today Across Motorways in Gungrog

Gungrog Roadworks

Current Roadworks

Clear There are currently no roadworks affecting this area.

Future Planned Roadworks

Clear No Future Gungrog Roadworks Planned.

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