A303 Traffic Report - Heading West


This Report: 13/10/2015 19:25:06

Frixo Traffic Updated: 13/10/2015 19:20:03

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Road Diagram

The diagram below shows live average speeds on the A303.

A358  50mph
A3088  66mph
A37  72mph
A372  58mph
A359  57mph
A371  71mph
A350  57mph
A338  70mph
A342  59mph
A3057  60mph
A34  71mph

No Connections.

A303 Traffic Map - Travelling West

Detailed Speed Report

Clear We Have detected that the A303 west is completely free of traffic at the moment.
Below shows traffic details for all junctions.

* A303 westbound between A3088 and A356 [66mph]

* A303 westbound between A37 and A3088 [72mph]

* A303 westbound between A371 and A359 near Yeovil (west) [71mph]

* A303 westbound between A37/A372 and A37 [58mph]

* A303 westbound between A350 and B3095 [57mph]

* A303 westbound between A3057 and A343 [60mph]

* A303 westbound between A359 near Yeovil (west) and A37/A372 [57mph]

* A303 westbound between A358 and A30/A35 [50mph]

* A303 westbound between A34 and B3048 [71mph]

* A303 westbound between A338 and A345 [70mph]

* A303 westbound between A342 and A338 [59mph]

Main A303 Travel News

Clear There are currently no incidents reported on the A303 west.

Current A303 Delays - Slow Moving Traffic

Clear We have no reports of any slow moving traffic on the A303 heading west.

A303 West Average Speed Today

A303 Roadworks

Current Roadworks

Clear There are currently no roadworks affecting this road.

Future Planned Roadworks

Clear No Future A303 Wordworks Planned.

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