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This diagram shows all major road problems and traffic news. Use the controls on the top-left to navigate. Click on the red points for traffic delays in that area.

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+ A1 North  [Map]

+ A1 North  [Map]

+ A14 West  [Map]

+ A20 East  [Map]

+ A27 West  [Map]

+ A34 South  [Map]

+ A46 North  [Map]

+ A46 South  [Map]

+ A5 North  [Map]

+ M1 North  [Map]

+ M1 North  [Map]

+ M1 North  [Map]

+ M23 North  [Map]

+ M25 Clockwise  [Map]

+ M25 Anticlockwise  [Map]

+ M3 East  [Map]

+ M4 West  [Map]

+ M5 South  [Map]

+ M6 North  [Map]

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