A64 Traffic Report - Heading North


This Report: 23/12/2014 00:44:45

Frixo Traffic Updated: 23/12/2014 00:44:07

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Road Diagram

The diagram below shows live average speeds on the A64.

A1(M)  63mph
A1(M)  60mph
A659  71mph
A1036  63mph
A19  66mph
A166  65mph
A169   63mph
A1039  58mph

No Connections.

A64 Traffic Map - Travelling North

Detailed Speed Report

Clear We Have detected that the A64 north is completely free of traffic at the moment.
Below shows traffic details for all junctions.

* A64 northbound between A659 near Tadcaster (west) and A162 [71mph]

* A64 northbound between A1(M)/A1 and A659 near Tadcaster (west) [60mph]

* link road from A1(M) J44 northbound exit to A64 northbound [63mph]

* A64 northbound between A1036 and A19 [63mph]

* A64 northbound between A166/A1079 and A1237 near York (north) [65mph]

* A64 northbound between A19 and A166/A1079 [66mph]

* A64 northbound between A1039 and B1261 [58mph]

* A64 northbound between A169 and B1248 near Norton-on-Derwent (east) [63mph]

Main A64 Travel News

Clear There are currently no incidents reported on the A64 north.

Current A64 Delays - Slow Moving Traffic

Clear We have no reports of any slow moving traffic on the A64 heading north.

A64 North Average Speed Today

A64 Roadworks

Current Roadworks

Clear There are currently no roadworks affecting this road.

Future Planned Roadworks

Clear No Future A64 Wordworks Planned.

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*  message by guest (located at Late night closures are stupid)

No signage and totally unhelpful workmen, i was trying to get home to castleford after a 12 hour day to be greeted by a so called workman leaning on his car with no intention of doing a nights work then he tells me there are plenty of signs saying that the road is closed, yes but they are for the 14th of november and this is the 18th i said and the road was not closed the previous evenings so do i need to try pot luck, or am i being unreasonable to expect accurate dated road signs????

Monday 1st December 2014 at 04:43:12 PM