M27 Traffic Report - Heading West


This Report: 31/08/2016 05:19:23

Frixo Traffic Updated: 31/08/2016 05:12:03

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Road Diagram

The diagram below shows live average speeds on the M27.

Jct 1  14mph [Show]
Jct 2  47mph
Jct 3  39mph
Jct 4  63mph
Jct 5  60mph
Jct 7  50mph
Jct 8  44mph
Jct 9  26mph [Show]
Jct 10  38mph
Jct 11  52mph
Jct 12  59mph
M275 Traffic (M27 Junction 12)
M271 Traffic (M27 Junction 3)
M3 Traffic (M27 Junction 4)

M27 Traffic Map - Travelling West

Detailed Speed Report

Clear We Have detected that the M27 west is completely free of traffic at the moment.
Below shows traffic details for all junctions.

* M27 westbound within J1 [14mph]

* M27 J8 westbound exit [44mph]

* M27 J10 westbound exit [38mph]

* M27 J11 westbound exit [52mph]

* M27 J9 westbound exit [26mph]

* M27 westbound between J2 and J1 [47mph]

* M27 westbound within J3 [39mph]

* M27 J3 westbound exit [29mph]

* M27 westbound within J2 [62mph]

* M27 westbound between J3 and J2 [51mph]

* M27 westbound within J4 [63mph]

* M27 westbound within J5 [60mph]

* M27 westbound between J5 and J4 [60mph]

* M27 westbound between J9 and J8 [65mph]

* M27 J8 westbound access [50mph]

* M27 westbound within J8 [65mph]

* M27 westbound between J8 and J7 [63mph]

* M27 J7 westbound access [50mph]

* M27 westbound within J7 [66mph]

* M27 westbound between J11 and J10 [70mph]

* M27 J11 westbound access [49mph]

* M27 westbound within J11 [71mph]

* M27 J9 westbound access [50mph]

* M27 westbound within J9 [69mph]

* M27 westbound between J10 and J9 [66mph]

* M27 westbound between J7 and J5 [64mph]

* M27 J12 eastbound access from M275 [59mph]

* M27 westbound between J4 and J3 [57mph]

* M27 westbound between J12 and J11 [68mph]

Main M27 Travel News

Clear There are currently no incidents reported on the M27 west.

Current M27 Delays - Slow Moving Traffic

* Slow traffic M27 westbound within J1 [14mph]

* Slow traffic M27 J9 westbound exit [26mph]

M27 West Average Speed Today

M27 Roadworks

Current Roadworks

Clear There are currently no roadworks affecting this road.

Future Planned Roadworks

Clear No Future M27 Roadworks Planned.

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