M40 Traffic Report - Heading North


This Report: 20/12/2014 12:54:08

Frixo Traffic Updated: 20/12/2014 12:54:08

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The diagram below shows live average speeds on the M40.

Jct 1  59mph
Jct 1A  70mph
Jct 2  66mph
Jct 3  64mph
Jct 4  37mph
Jct 5  29mph [Show]
Jct 6  48mph
Jct 7  36mph
Jct 8  74mph
Jct 8A  76mph
Jct 9  45mph
Jct 10  53mph
Jct 11  57mph
Jct 12  71mph
Jct 13  
Jct 14  
Jct 15  70mph
Jct 16  
M25 Traffic (M40 Junction 16)
M42 Traffic (M40 Junction 3a)

M40 Traffic Map - Travelling North

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Current M40 Delays - Slow Moving Traffic

* Slow traffic M40 J5 northbound exit [29mph]

M40 North Average Speed Today

M40 Roadworks

Current Roadworks

Clear There are currently no roadworks affecting this road.

Future Planned Roadworks

Clear No Future M40 Wordworks Planned.

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