Published: 12/03/2013

The paper and pencil guessing game known as “Hangman” has been a part of almost everyone’s childhood. One player thinks of a word, phrase or sentence and another player tries to guess it by suggesting letters of the alphabet. Score is kept by drawing a stick figure hanging from the gallows, one body part at a time for each incorrect letter—head, torso, two arms and two legs. The object is to correctly identify the word or phrase before the stick figure is completed and “hangs.”

Software developer JPM Interactive came up with a novel way to turn “Hangman” into an arcade version for online casinos, by integrating a general knowledge quiz into the classic game. The objective of the game is to win cash prizes by correctly answering a series of questions in order to complete a mystery phrase. Each correct answer adds a letter to the phrase. Each completed phrase advances the player’s potential winnings along the award bar. More progress along the bar means greater prizes.

And just like the traditional version of Hangman, each incorrect letter causes a body part to be added to the stick figure outline at the upper right corner of the display window. Missing six letters ends the game. The game can also be halted in the quiz rounds by missing too many questions, which become progressively more challenging as the award bar advances. Also, to increase the difficulty of winning a large prize, a limit is placed on the time allowed for answering each question.

The game begins by clicking on the “Play” button shown on the introduction screen. The wager is automatically set at £1.00. The player is then presented with a choice of three clues that give hints as to what the hidden phrase might be. Each clue has an associate point value, too. After one of the clues has been selected, the game’s letter category screen appears with the complete phrase blanked out. Three letters can be seen below the phrase, each one corresponding to a quiz category.

In Hangman, six general knowledge question categories are offered: Science & Nature, A~Z, Entertainment, Pot Luck, Sport, Pop Music and People & Places. The player selects a letter that might be in the hidden phrase. One, two or all three letters may be correct. If a correct choice is made, a question from the chosen category is asked, with three multiple-choice answers appearing below, A, B or C. Correctly answering the question adds the chosen letter in the proper position within the hidden phrase. The game continues in this manner until the phrase is completely revealed and the accumulated cash prize claimed from the award bar.

The player may also choose to end the game at any time after a cash value has been reached, or else continue playing on for further prizes. Current winnings are displayed in red near the centre of the game screen. Note that certain clues, letters and mystery symbols randomly have a “Gold Nugget” attached to them. These contribute towards winning the game’s “Live Jackpot,” a bonus prize that will be awarded as son as a specified number of gold nugget questions have been correctly answered. Gold Nugget letter are not always part of the hidden phrase, so a “Try Again” symbol may be lost.

In addition to the letters made available to complete the hidden phrase, an occasional Mystery Symbol (“?”) appears, too. If it is selected, the player has the opportunity to choose from among four “Wanted” posters to reveal one of a dozen special outcomes ranging from the award of an extra “try Again” symbol or a cash prize to extra points, bonus letters or completion of the phrase. However, not all outcomes are positive. Others include losing a “Try Again” symbol, going to Boot Hill (game over) and Lynched (game over).

Published on: 12/03/2013

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