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Below is my own personal opinions and experience when registering with Bet365 Casino.

There are many things that I look for in an online casino including ease of play, stability and online safety. Not all casinos live up to these expectations and some fall well short.

With their strong reputation and global presence, casual punters like me can be forgiven for having high expectations. And that is exactly the attitude I adopted when I opened my account.

My Bet365 casino registration process

All of their services, including the wallet that contains your balance, I found can be accessed via one account. However, for new customers like me, there are a few steps to go through before the gaming can begin.

When I arrived at the home screen, the registration button is not immediately obvious but it is sensibly positioned just below the log-in box. Once I clicked on the button a new window popped up which consisted basically of a form where a few personal details were requested. The form took a couple of minutes to fill out and handily, the page also had a direct link to their help sections for anyone who might get stuck. Once I confirmed my details, my account was ready to use.

Now I was able could log in and could explore the website (including the sport, poker and bingo sections) at my leisure. Funding my wallet from the personal account page was simple and the overall registration process could not have been easier.

How to use bet365 casino

I could play bet365 casino straight away by loading one of the flash-powered games in a browser. But for a more enhanced and stable experience, I decided to download the full suite of software to my laptop. I also spent time playing on the mobile version of the application for comparison.

While I found the downloaded version did offer the most variety and much better graphics, the browser version stood up well in comparison and is would make a suitable choice for anyone who does not want to load extra software ion their system. Likewise, I feel the mobile app was surprisingly good and performed beyond my expectations.

Best365 casino experience

Having had previous experience of both real and online casinos, many of the games on offer I found were familiar to me but newcomers might feel slightly overwhelmed by the variety of offer. However, I did notive there are some guides available for some of the more popular games.

In my opinion the site was very easy to navigate with popular, new and featured games given prominence while others could be accessed using the excellent menus and search function. I found it was good to see the live dealer option as this seems to be a feature that online gamers now expect.

With games provided by many big-name developers, I'm sure most players should find something they are familiar with especially those used to playing traditional casino table games such as blackjack and roulette of which there were numerous versions. Of course those familiar with one version of the game might get confused by the different variations but I saw there is always help available if you need it.

I tried to find information about house edges etc. as this is always of interest to me when I am learning about casino games. However, to me there was no obvious link to the numbers. These details may be included in the terms and condition, but I would love to see them listed openly on the site.

If you like a game like me, you can save it in your favourites for easy access later and the transition between the PC and mobile version was simple, with the later offering a surprising amount of functionality.

Bet365 mobile casino

Having been pleased with the desktop version of the bet365 casino, I decided to give the mobile app a whirl. As someone who has had experience of sports betting on the go, I was not fazed by the prospect of gaming on a mobile device. And with mobile betting becoming more and more popular, security is now tighter than ever. There are apps available for all types of devices including Apple and Android, while a mobile version of the main website can also be accessed via a browser and seemed to offer exactly the same features as the app.

The app offers much of the functionality of the main site and is used in conjunction with your main account. This makes it easy to access my balance and any favourites that I may have saved. Navigation is intuitive and I found games can be accessed in just a click or two.

Bet365 Casino conclusion

Bet365 always comes across as a company that is very sure of itself and when I use their products it becomes clear that their confidence is not misplaced. As someone who has no particular loyalty when it comes to online wagering, I just want a good, reliable and safe service, I must say that I was impressed with their online casino. There is just so much to like - from the layout and ease of use, to the features and gaming options. Even the mobile version I found was a joy to use. I think their choice of games is immense. For anyone looking to enter into the world of online casinos, I'm certain bet365 would be a good place to start. And with just one account needed to access all of their sports and gaming services, they have may it hard to look elsewhere.

Terms and Conditions Apply - Please see for full details, age restricted to 18+

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