About Frixo

Our Aim

To help make road users journeys quicker and less stressful by providing them with useful, up to the minute road traffic information.

Welcome to Frixo.com - We specialise in giving traffic reports for UK motorways. Much of our collected data comes from automatic sensors placed at various points around the motorway to monitor vehicle speeds. This means we can provide accurate, up-to-date reports which is normally faster than other mediums, such as radio. Typically our speed readings are updated every 3 minutes. Should you notice any problems while browsing our site, particularly while using a mobile device, have any suggestions or comments, please feel free to Contact Frixo. This site has been tested using various browsers such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera - Please let us know about any incompatibility issues.

As well as providing average speeds for many of the junctions, we also give other data if available such as speed limits, traffic incidents, information given on electronic displays, road work information and any hazardous weather conditions.

Much of the information given on this site is also available using Frixo's WAP service, this means you can find out where traffic jams may be and try to avoid them just by using your mobile phone. As using a mobile phone while driving is dangerous and illegal please ensure you stop before using our service if you are the driver. Further information on this service can be found on the Wireless page.

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