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This site has literally every piece of information you need to get fit and maintain a fitness regime and keep in peak physical condition... for free! There aren't even any adverts on my site as I pay for all the running costs myself. I have been training in mixed martial arts, boxing and weights since 1997 and became fed up of dreadful fitness websites so I wrote this site initially in 2005 to share some of the best information I have been taught by various instructors and books from different disciplines.

I have re-written this site 3 times since 2005 and have added material as requested by all my readers. Please have a look around and see the wealth of good training information I have uploaded on this site. With a bit of positive mental attitude and training 2-3 times a week in your living room for 20-60 minutes you can get in great shape.

By designing this site, I am hoping to give people an insight into the type of training I do, and to make people realise that fitness is not all about the weightlifting or about running, there are many kinds of fitness and cross-training is the way forward for well-being. If you are going to live an active life-style you cannot train a certain way for 30 years solid, but must try different things - try this for 3 months and I am certain you'll feel the best you ever have done.

I hope you try these exercises and gain a level of functional fitness through bodyweight calisthenic exercises like I have. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me on my email address at the bottom. I hope you all like the new layout, I apologise for some of my pictures which are from 2005.

This site currently has around 30,000 unique visitors a month - but I am hoping to increase this so if you like the site please tell your friends and colleagues, I want as many people getting fit the right way as possible!

In addition if you are hoping to lose weight please download my completely free diet plan and email to whoever you know that would like a copy. Trust me it works and is completely natural, I have nothing to gain from it - although if it works for you I would be grateful if you drop me a quick email to say thanks! At some stage I will write a diet plan for athletes looking to shape up even further.

Forum Update

02 June 2011
Unfortunately the internet forum is no longer fully operational, it was taking approximately an hour of my time a night to delete inappropriate spam which I did not want on my site. It still has a wealth of information on it and I would suggest you search through it for any material you like as I am guessing the answer to pretty much everything you'd like to know is on there.


02 June 2011
Boxing Bag Gloves I would also like to thank Tao Sports who very kindly let me use a couple of their images on this site. I have bought all my martal arts and boxing training gear for them for the past 10 years and recommend them highly (and unfortunately they're not paying me to say that).
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02 June 2011
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24 Dec 2007
We have been included in The Independent Newspaper, if you wish to see the article please click here.


Remember, before undertaking any exercise program consult a physician. This site is based of my own and colleagues personal experiences, everyone is different and I therefore recommend that before doing anything you always first check with your own doctor to make sure anything I recommend is OK for you in light of your current medical condition and history. I cannot be held responsible for any problems that may arise because of your particular condition.