Deck of Cards Exercise Routine

For this you need a deck of cards, it's a simple way of training but you're guaranteed a different workout everytime.

All you have to do is to assign an exercise to either each suit or colour of cards then shuffle the deck and get started. Simply pick the top card off the pack, the colour or suit corresponds to the exercise and the value of the card corresponds to the number of repetitions of that exercise. It is optional to keep the joker in the pack (usually assigned a value of 20), all kings/queens/jokers are given a value of 10, the ace is 1.

If you keep the jokers in the pack it will be 105 repatitions of each exercise if you assign a suit to each exercise, or 210 if you assign a colour to each exercise.

Here are two examples of workouts :

Black : Press Up
Red : Boot strapper

Hearts : Chin-up
Diamonds : Hindu Squat
Spades : Reverse Press-up
Clubs : Knee-raise