The Clock Exercise Routine

In this method, you have to do an exercise every minute on the minute - so keep a stopwatch next to you :


Gentle warm up of some light stretching then hold your arms straight out by yours sides (parallel to floor) and make circles with your arms until your shoulders hurt then rest for a minute and start programme.

Minutes = 0 : 10 pushups
Minutes = 1 : 10 pushups
Minutes = 2 : 15 ab crunches
Minutes = 3 : 15 ab crunches
Minutes = 4 : 10 hindu squats
Minutes = 5 : 10 hindu squats
Minutes = 6 : 10 hyper extentions (lie on your front and lift your upper body off floor using only back muscles and lower again)
Minutes = 7 : 10 hyper extentions
Minutes = 8 : 10 reverse push ups (sit on chair then hold sides of it and sit forward so you're in front of chair then using arms raise and lower your body to round and back)
Minutes = 9 : 10 reverse push ups
Minutes = 10 : 10 leg ups (lie on floor on your bavk, prop your upperbody up on your elbows then lift your legs off ground - raise and lower)
Minutes = 11 : 10 leg ups
Minutes = 12 : 10 neck (lie on back and touch your chin on chest and lower your head back down to floor slowly)
Minutes = 13 : 10 neck
Minutes = 14 : 10 chin ups
Minutes = 15 : 10 chin ups
Minutes = 16 : 10 calve raises
Minutes = 17 : 10 calve raises

Now to finish just do a couple of minutes boxing (holding 1kg dumbbells if you've got them), eg. a jab then a straight right then hold your arms out straight in front of you and open your palms flat and close into a fist as fast as you can for as long as you can (this will build a mean grip and forearm).

Then just stretch a bit - two main ones are 1. you touch your toes and 2. grab your foot and bending leg at knee pull behind you to stretch front of your leg.

The workout is mainly for strength, if you want to build up your fitness, go for a quck run or something after doing this or if not then do something else like running up and down the stairs for as long as you can (no, not only once!).