Weightlifting Sets

This is the typical way a weightlifter would work. First, you work out a routine them do a few sets of each exercise before progessing onto the next one.

As usual, start with a warmup, and warmdown after as in the last one (just some stretching) and workout a plan. There's many exercises some are listed on this site, if you want try clicking through my links or search Google.com for more.


1. V-pushups (like hindu pushups but they only really work your shoulders) - like a standard push up but poke your ass high in the arm (so your hands and feet are slightly closer than a normal pushup) so your body is like a V then push up and it should work your shoulders out as well as your arms.

2. X-crunch (like normal ab crunch but twist from side to side as you do it so you work sides of your abs too.)

3. Burpee (a great old skool exercise) - a bit like a thrust squat, try searching on the net for thrust squat and the only different is that you have to stand up between each squat, trust me, it's a killer.

4. Good morning - just bent over while standing till your upper body is parallel with floor then stand up straight again, it works your lower back, (don't ever use any weights with this exercise as it's bad, even though some people do).

5. Hand stand (with feet against wall for balance) and if you can do pushups in this position (it's a killer) if not just hold with your hands wide apart until your arms and shoulders are sfficiently tired.

6. Punching Crunch - just do standard stomach crunch and at top of crunch do a punch with each arm in the air them back to bottom of crunch and repeat.

7. Knee raise - stand straight and raise your right knee to your chest as quick as possible and down then after say 10 repeat with your left leg (imagine you're kneeing someone) or do same but with straight leg until parallel to floor or the same but out sideways. To make it different do the exercise SLOWLY, trust me it hurts after 20.....

8. Boxing, just throw a few combos, say choose 1 or 2 combos of 2-3 punches then do each 10 times on each side (ie. start one with your left arm then after 10 repeat but starting with the right arm). Golden rule of punching though is to never straighten your arm at the end of the punch but stop a couple of inches short otherwise you'll damange your elbow joint, also remember to twist your waist to get more power out of the punch. After a bit of practice it'll come easy and go for both speed and power.