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Published: 08/04/2012
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Roulette has a very international pedigree. It was inspired by games invented in Britain and Italy, formalised in France, refined in Germany and Monte Carlo, and popularised in America. Most recently, the game has been found a new home in the casinos of Macau, and it is now one of the most played table games on the Internet.

To help players get the most out their time at the Roulette table, wherever they might be, the following tips can be invaluable. They represent some of the best lessons learned during years of direct experience playing Roulette online and off.

Know the Odds – Numbers don’t lie. European tables with a Single Zero have a lower House edge (2.70%) than American tables with a Double Zero (5.26%). There is no reason to give the House any extra advantage. As long as the betting limits are not prohibitive, play at the table with only one Zero.

Middle Ground – In land-based casinos, the best playing position at the Roulette table is near the center of the layout. From this location, it is possible to reach all sections of the table with ease—no need to stretch the length of the field to place bets. When the only seats available are at the ends of the table, the croupier can be asked to position bets, but keep a close eye on where the chips end up. Staff get busy and sometimes make mistakes. It is far better to control one’s own bets if possible.

Numbers Game – Knowing the math of Roulette is a must for any serious player. Learning just a couple of short equations will reveal everything there is to know about Roulette odds, and the payouts for the various bets are easy to memorise. Then, work out betting strategies in advance, based on real probabilities of how much can be won and what risks are worth taking.

Have a Plan – Whatever strategy for winning is chosen, it must be mastered and applied consistently. This applies not only to popular betting progressions, like Martingale and Labouchere, but also to pattern betting, from wheel sectors to table areas. Applying a strategy inconsistently can ruin even a perfect system.

Be Flexible – Never confuse stubbornness for tenacity. When a system is failing, get off it and try another. And if that one fails, consider moving to different table. The players most likely to win again and again are the ones who realise when a plan isn’t working and then adjust to the current conditions. Never be afraid to change things up with another method of play.

Follow the Leader – At any Roulette table, there are bound to be several players who know the game well. They may have their own special strategies of play and approaches they have found successful in the past. Whenever a veteran player is winning steadily, pay close attention. It may be possible to follow his/her betting patterns, wager like he/she does, and share in some big wins.

Expect Streaks – Each spin of the wheel is an independent event. The game has no memory and will not produce a Black number just because Red ones came up the last eight times in a row. Previous outcomes are immaterial, which helps explain why streaks seem so common. If some numbers repeat frequently and others don’t appear at all, it just a natural aspect of randomness, not unusual occurrences. Quite the opposite, in fact, streaks are statistically inevitable, so they should be expected, both good and bad.

Buyer Beware – It is the player’s responsibility to learn the rules of the game and to be wary of any irregularities. Although most casinos are trustworthy, especially the older and larger ones, mistakes are sometimes made, such as miscalculating the number of chips won, sweeping away winning bets by accident, and so on. Players must be observant at all times to avoid any potential problems.

Be Patient – Winning usually occurs slowly over time with short-term losses to be expected. The results, good or bad, must be taken in stride. Getting upset, anxious, excited or over-eager can lead to errors in judgment. It is advisable to simply relax, enjoy the action and have fun. As a game, Roulette is for “playing” not for stressing over.

Published on: 08/04/2012

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