Slots Strategies

Published: 25/02/2012

Although many insist that winning at slots is all luck, good fortune alone does not explain why some players seem to win more consistently than others. Experienced slot players have plenty of advice to offer, at least some of which rings of true strategy.

One good approach the development of a slots strategy to start by identifying which aspects of play can be controlled by the player along with which are beyond the scope of human influence. The way to succeed with any regularity is to focus attention and efforts on the controllable and let the rest take its own course.

Before plunking down any cash for slot play, several initial decisions must be made. Among these are choosing a location for play, a time to play and an amount to budget for wagering.

Given that the object of playing slots is to come away with a profit, the very first step is to create a “bankroll.” As grand as the word may sound, a bankroll is no more than whatever amount a player can afford to lose in a single session of play.

More than any other factor, the amount of money available for slot play helps determine where to play, which game is affordable, how much to bet per spin, and the duration of the session. A player with a bankroll of £10 will come up with a slot strategy quite different from a person who has £1,000 for play.

More often than not, the difference between ending a session a winner rather than a loser is setting a strict limit and sticking to it. Regardless of how large or small one’s bankroll is, it is critically important to commit to that figure as an absolute maximum. No more than that amount should be carried into the casino.

What’s more, all bank cards, credit cards, check books and other temptations to replenish funds should be left at home. Heading to the ATM for additional cash cannot be an option when playing for profit and not just for entertainment.

Another good idea is to set a time limit on play as well as on finances. It helps to think of each period of play as a “session,” an independent event, not as part of an ongoing playing experience. Some sessions will be winners, others will be losers. That’s simply the nature of the game.

Keeping this in mind helps a player limit losses and end sessions while ahead. Whether the winnings come or don’t come in an hour or two, it is best to take a break and return to play again another time.

Another decision each player needs to take before selecting a machine is whether or not to drink alcohol. Although some folks can play unaffected by alcohol, many discover that it dulls concentration and impairs decision-making processes. Turning down the servers who offer free drinks isn’t always easy, but it’s clear that providing them must be to the casino’s advantage. Even players who imbibe only soft drinks may feel it necessary to play beyond limits while waiting for a server to return with an order. Casino management are well aware that when players stay longer they are more likely to lose. One excellent strategy is save the drinking for celebrating after the session is over instead of drinking while playing.

Of course, players also have control over where they sit down. Their objective should be to choose a “loose” machine that pays out more frequently that average and not a “tight” one that grudgingly yields payouts. Knowing how to select a high potential slot machine is a skill every player should strive to master.

Deciding how much to play after a slot has been chosen is not a matter of intuition or guesswork. Betting amounts are a function of how big the bankroll is and how much time is available for play.

For example, a player about to leave for dinner or a concert in a few minutes who has £20 to spend can easily risk a few £3 pulls on a seven-figure progressive jackpot slot. On the other hand, with a full hour to play and the same £20 bankroll, a 5p slot played at three credits per spin makes for a much better strategy.

After the session begins, the player must pay close attention to the specifics of the game. Among the many questions to be answered are the following: How many lines should be played on multiline slots? How many credits will be bet on each spin? How many spins will be played per minute? How often will breaks be taken? Will more money be invested in a losing machine waiting for the big payout? When is the right time to cash out?

Obviously, developing a good slots strategy involves a lot more than hoping for good luck. It should take all of these factors into account, and then when the luck does arrive, the player will be ready, willing and able to accept it.

Published on: 25/02/2012

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