Craps Tips

Published: 06/05/2012

Ask a dozen Craps players what the secret to success is and expect a dozen different answers. There are so many ways to play the game, and everyone seems to have developed a unique approach.

Many believe the most important factor is managing bets, which might mean using a betting system or just knowing when to wager aggressively and when to back off. Some swear that that dice control is the only sure way to win consistently. Others insist the game is purely a matter of luck.

Whatever theories of the game one believes in, it seems clear that certain actions have historically led to winners, while others have resulted in losers. The following “best practices” may be useful in putting together a successful Craps methodology.

Shooting – When offered the opportunity to shoot, always accept the dice. As the shooter, always bet right, and never bet wrong. The Don’t Pass line indicates a lack of confidence. Toss the dice as if it’s a daily habit, confidently. Don’t hold the dice for a long time before shooting—simply set and throw. When the rolls are going hot, increase the size of the Pass Line wager and take more chances. When the dice start to feel cold, pull all Place and Buy Bets down and reduce Pass Line wagering to the minimum. Following a truly hot series of rolls, stop playing and walk away from the table a hero. Hot rolls occur only rarely.

Bankroll – Only gamble with money that can be lost. Those who cannot afford to lose cannot afford to play. Set a predetermined amount as the bankroll for a session, typically at least 50 times the minimum wager, and never head off to the ATM for more. When sufficiently ahead, cash out the starting bankroll plus a little profit and then continue betting with what remains.

Winning – Check all winnings; dealers occasionally make mistakes in counting out chips. Gamble with House money as conservatively, not as if it were there to be lost back. When the table gets hot, don’t overstay. Always try to quit while ahead, whether a little or a lot.

Losing – Don’t “chase the dragon.” Trying to win back losses most often results in even more losses. Play steadily and stick to the game plan, even if losing. If the table is cold, move to another table or take a break. Rather than playing down to the last dollar, always leave the game with some money leftover. Losing is part of the game; nobody wins all of the time—not even the House.

Attitude – Stay cool. Don’t allow emotions to control decision-making. Remember that nothing about the game is personal. How others react to outcomes is their problem and theirs alone. Stay with the game plan, disciplined. If the game no longer seems like fun, stop playing.

Gaming – Know the rules, the odds and the payouts. Never risk money on wagers that are unclear. Obtaining a complete understanding of the game is the best way to prepare for success. Learn the game inside and out, play it often and build confidence in the ability to win. Stick to betting the minimum until the betting becomes second nature. Keep an eye on the chips, too; don’t make the mistake of believing everyone at the table is honest.

Published on: 06/05/2012

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