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Published: 15/11/2018
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One of the most popular perks to gambling is being accepted into a VIP club. Paddy Power offers its big spenders the deluxe treatment through the Paddy Power VIP. Paddy Power VIP members can enjoy some great benefits once entering VIP status.

Paddy Power Casino Club Points

Paddy Power Casino Club points are redeemable for cash to continue playing with. Also, the more club points you earn, the higher up the Paddy Power VIP ladder you will reach. Earn points by playing games (details below) and redeem every 100 points for £1 in bonus cash. The higher you climb the VIP status pole, the fewer points are required for redemption.]

To start, members earn 1 Paddy Power Casino Club point for every £10 played on blackjack, card games, leisure games, roulette, slots, table games, and video poker.

Paddy Power Casino Club Points Redemption

Paddy Power makes it incredibly easy to access and redeem your Casino Club points. Head over to the VIP page and select “Redeem Points”. The steps are simple and once you have redeemed your points, the cash is accessible for use immediately.

As mentioned earlier, the higher you climb on the VIP ladder, the easier it is to earn rewards. Starting at level one, members receive £1 per 100 points earned. As member progress each level, it requires five fewer points to earn the £1 reward with the top level (VIP) earning £1 per 75 Casino Club points.

Each VIP level also offers unique rewards. Starting at level two, players can get access to exclusive promotions. Level three players will receive the opportunity to win giveaway prizes. Level four players get an annual birthday bonus and level five members get all these plus VIP event invitations.

VIP level players get the royal treatment at Paddy Power. Exclusive customer support, events, and real-life event invites await those who reach the top level.

Climbing the VIP Ladder

Climbing the VIP ladder is as simple as playing regularly. Paddy Power has a VIP team that watches for members who enjoy spending cash at Paddy Power. If you are playing regularly and spending cash, Paddy Power will reach out to you to discuss your status. Casino Club points are recorded automatically and there is no separate sign-up required for the program.

VIP Promotional Offers

Paddy Power offers its VIP members opportunities to take advantages of daily promotions. The VIP team is even known to drop bonus cash on players who have been particularly active throughout the day.

The VIP team also offers event tickets, loyalty bonuses, and other exclusive offerings to the big spenders at Paddy Power.

Published on: 15/11/2018

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