Jos Buttler Run Out is Storm in a Teacup

One-day International

Published: 04/06/2014

England predictably lost the deciding one-day international against Sri Lanka to surrender the series by three rubbers to two. But gaining a lot of attention from the game was the controversial run out of Jos Buttler, where he was ‘Mankaded’ by Sri Lankan bowler Sachithra Senanayake.

Except that there was no controversy. Senanayake was perfectly entitled to do what he did, and Buttler should reprimand himself for his unprofessional conduct.

I`m amazed that all the pundits on TMS have taken the line that what Sri Lanka did with the run out was somehow immoral, instead of pointing out how utterly stupid Buttler was. The first two things you learn when you play club cricket is...don`t leave your crease until the ball`s dead, and don`t leave your crease until the bowler bowls. For an international cricketer to get this wrong when he had apparently been warned, not once, but twice(!) is staggering.

And if anyone thinks he wasn`t trying to steal a head start, why he is out of his crease then? When Usain Bolt false started in the world championships, the organisers didn`t say to him "well, you only just false started, so you can have another go". Albeit the advantage gained by backing up excessively is small, but it is trying to gain an unfair advantage, and it`s something you learn not to do when you`re a child. Buttler shouldn`t feel sorry for himself, he should learn from his stupidity.

I find it incredible that so many professional cricketers are taking such a sniffy attitude to the run out.

The thing that is particularly incredible to me as can be seen in replays of the incident is that Buttler isn`t even looking at the bowler! Not even looking at him as he delivers the ball. By this time he has wandered, not inches, but about 2-3 yards outside of his crease, and then makes absolutely no effort to even turn his head round let alone try to put his bat in.

I find it staggering and incredible that Agnew and Selvey, both of whom I like and respect to differing degrees, are taking such a high-handed attitude over something that a schoolboy should never do.

I can`t believe he could be so complacent about it after being warned. It`s staggering. And I can`t believe that people are seriously defending Buttler (but not many on here thankfully).

If you took this to its natural conclusion then batsmen could back up halfway down the pitch every single ball, and you could never run them out because it would be `not the done thing` and `against the spirit of the game`. What would you suggest happened then Agnew and Selvey? You`re obviously cricket geniuses who know far more about the game than us mere plebs, what happens if someone backs up yards and yards down the pitch every ball even after being warned?

According to Agnew, some absurd rigmarole should take place whereby the laws of the game are changed just so professional cricketers don`t have to pay an extra fraction of a second`s attention to when the ball is being delivered. I find it incredible. Just wait to the bowler`s bowled and then back up. Not difficult.

Cook was completely wrong in everything he said, particularly as Broad had so demonstrably (and rightly) refused to walk last year. At that time, what was the cliche everyone came out with? We play to the umpire`s decision. Well, Buttler`s run out, that`s the umpire`s decision, it`s clearly the correct decision, try playing to that then instead of whining about it.

In terms of the result, England have done well to hold them to 3-2, Sri Lanka are a manifestly better ODI side, and would almost certainly wallop England in conditions that less favoured the home side. Thank God for gloom and drizzle.

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