PDC World Darts Championship Preview

2012 Pdc World Darts Championship Preview: Alexandra Palace 15/12/2011-02/01/2012

Published: 12/12/2011

Darts premier event, the PDC World Championship, returns at Alexandra Palace on December 15th and reigning champion Adrian Lewis will be fighting to hold on to his title in London amongst a field of 71 other professional players.

Thirteen times world champion Phil Taylor will be a heavy favourite to regain his crown at the expense of his former protégé, who has already stoked up a fiery rivalry with ‘The Power’ on his road to global darting success.

Many believe that the 2012 renewal of the tournament will be a D-Day for legend Taylor who has shown evident signs of waning throughout the past few months.

A trial of wearing glasses during the back end of 2010 suggested to the sport’s audience that something was not quite right with the Merseyside man; however that plan was instantly ditched after he was dumped out of the Grand Slam of Darts by Steve Beaton.

And although Taylor has remained at the head of darting affairs during 2011, his long standing dominance does appear to be relinquishing – partly due to age and deteriorating vision but also because of the quality competition which he now faces from the likes of Lewis, James Wade and Gary Anderson.

In plain terms, a ‘fully fit’ Phil Taylor is almost impossible to topple – and the rest of the darts circuit have been well accustomed to this for a while.

Nevertheless, his reign as the king of darts cannot go on for ever and there are plenty of men waiting in the wings to assume that mantle and triumph in the biggest events on a regular basis.

The aforementioned James Wade is one of the most consistent players in the sport and is likely to thrive over the long format of the tournament – as well as a general dislike from the rowdy spectators.

‘The Machine’ has a poor record against Taylor however and will probably have to rely on somebody else knocking the main man out of proceedings if he is to succeed.

Gary Anderson is as solid as a rock and his prolific scoring makes him a formidable opponent round after round in the big events, but getting over the winning line on the grandest stage of all may be a problem for him.

Aussie Simon Whitlock is also a danger, although his moments and matches of sheer genius can often be cancelled out by the proverbial howler.

Preceding the BDO World Championship equivalent which takes place at the start of the New Year, the PDC World Darts Championship is really the place to be for quality pros and hard-core fans alike.

And through the platform of Sky Sports television, PDC Darts has pushed the sport forward beyond all limits over the past few years in terms of viewing capacity and popularity.

From the walk on music and glamour to the thrill of each and every 180 and checkout that is registered, the PDC World Darts Championship provides amazing entertainment as well as ample betting opportunity.

An abundance of darting action on a daily basis throughout the calendar gives backers plenty of information and preparation to become betting experts on the sport – and the PDC World Darts Championship offers punters the chance to really put their knowledge and opinions to the test, just like the players who take part.

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Any odds displayed within this article were correct at the time of publishing (12/12/2011) but are subject to change.

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