How to Play Oasis Poker

Published: 06/08/2012
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Popular in Eastern Europe, Northern Africa and online casinos that use Galewind Software, Oasis Poker is a derivative of Caribbean Stud Poker. The biggest difference is the addition of a drawing round, which creates an extra decision for the player and an opportunity to apply various strategies.

Oasis Poker is played with a single 52-card deck that is shuffled after each hand. Players compete directly against the dealer and the best five-card poker hand wins. Like Caribbean Stud and many other poker variations, the dealer must “qualify” in order for the player to receive a full payout for winning. In this case, the qualifying hand is no lower than an Ace-King.

The table’s minimum and maximum betting limits are set by the House. Two betting areas appear on the table surface, one for the “Ante” wager and another for the “Bet.” There may also be a progressive jackpot side bet available; if so, it is optional and usually costs one unit to play.

The game begins with players making their Ante bets in the designated areas on the table. The dealer then distributes the cards face down, clockwise from the dealer’s left, to each active player until everyone, including the dealer, has five cards each. The dealer then exposes one of his/her cards by turning it over. Players are allowed to look at and evaluate their own cards, although they may not share information about their hands with other players.

Next, the players have the opportunity to switch one card of their choice for the next card in the deck. A fee is charged to all who elect to draw a card, equal to the original Ante wager and non-refundable. It is also possible to trade in more than one card by paying additional fees as follows: two cards for double the ante, three cards for triple the ante, or four cards for quadruple the ante.

If a player wishes to turn in all five cards and receive a new hand, the fee is just equal to the original Ante wager. However, drawing five cards requires an automatic “raise,” meaning the player who does so must remain in the hand and loses the ability to fold.

After the drawing round has been completed, players have the opportunity, one by one, to act on their hands by raising or folding. Those who fold forfeit their original Ante as well as their side bet, if any. Those who elect to play on must increase their wager by betting an amount equal to twice the Ante in the “Bet” area on the table.

Once the betting round has bee completed, the dealer turns over his/her four remaining cards. If the dealer’s hand does not qualify with contain at least an Ace-King, all active players receive even money for their Antes. Their wagers on the Bet are returned as a “push.” No additional premiums are paid.

If the dealer’s hand qualifies and wins, the losing players’ Antes and Bets are lost. Should the dealer and player have identical hands, the result is a “push” with no winner, and both the Ante and Bet wagers are returned to the player. If the dealer’s hand qualifies and loses, each winning player’s Ante pays even money, while the Bet is paid out at whatever odds are indicated on the Raise Pay Table.

Typically, simply beating the dealer pays 1-to-1. Higher payouts are awarded for higher ranking hands, starting at 2-to-1 for winning with two pair, 3-to-1 for three-of-a-kind and 4-to-1 for a straight. A flush pays 5-to-1, a full house is worth 7-to-1, four-of-a-kind wins 20-to-1 and a straight flush pays 50-to-1. The top hand, a Royal Flush, pays 100-to-1.

Strategically, it does not make sense to draw cards and pay the required fee unless there is a good possibility of obtaining one of the higher bonuses listed on the Raise Pay Table. Specifically, draw one card when holding four cards to a straight flush or Royal Flush, four cards to a flush when holding no pair or four cards to an outside straight with no pair. Never draw when holding two pair or higher, and never draw two or more cards if the option is available.

Published on: 06/08/2012

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