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Below is my own personal opinions and experience when registering with Bet365 Poker.

When it came to reviewing poker at bet365, I had no doubt that the company would offer a decent service. How else would they have grown to become one of the world’s leading gaming companies? But I feel having a strong reputation is no good if you cannot maintain it and I was keen to see exactly how bet365 were servicing their ever-growing client base, and also to examine whether their current product matched their lofty ambitions in this sector. To get started, I approached their website as a complete novice and reviewed the entire product from scratch.

Opening my account with bet365 poker

Opening my account with bet365 is a one-time process that also give me access to the company’s other services including the casino and bingo sections. This one account for all approach I feel is a great strategy which gives added convenience to people like me who enjoy gaming or wagering on several platforms. Being able to bet on a horse and then grab a seat at a poker game in just a few seconds while using the same account is a big plus. Of course, many people who open an account only ever visit the sportsbook or the casino suite but it still makes sense to keep everything under one roof for those who might be inclined to use it.

I found opening a bet365 account to be uncomplicated and pretty much in line with the process used by most gaming companies. Anything less than a smooth registration process often sets the alarm bells ringing as to the quality of the rest of the service, so on that front, it was good news. I made a quick click on the registration button which revealed a short form that took less than a minute for me to fill out. From there, I could confirm my account and choose a funding method to place my first deposit. And that was it, I was now ready to hit the poker tables.

My Bet365 poker experience

When I first took a virtual step into the bet365 online poker room, I was instantly impressed by how smooth the graphics were and how everything seemed to work without stalling or freezing. I have had some less than pleasing experience in this area, so after putting the software through its paces for an hour or so, I was glad to report that all was well. There is plenty on the bet365 website to reassure you about online safety and for me that is also very important. I certainly got the impression that this is an area that they take seriously.

The main screen features tiles, similar to a Windows-operated mobile device, displaying the latest live games so you can jump straight into the action. You can also search for games by setting different criteria. I was aware that bet365 attracted a large volume of traffic but it is not until you spend a while on the site until you realise the frequency and variety of games on offer. Whatever kind of game I wanted to play and for whatever stakes, I was able to jump onto a table pretty much at will. And when I needed a break, I could just as easily head over to the casino room to play roulette or a slots game.

Although I am an experienced player, I also tried to look at the site from a novice’s point of view, and there is nothing to suggest that a newcomer would not be able to find their way round the site. And there are plenty of small stakes games full of inexperienced players. The bet365 poker site really does have something offer everyone.

Bet365 poker on mobile

The mobile app can be downloaded on any most common devices including Apple and Android phones and tablets. I use an Android phone and was interested to note that, as well as an app, there was also a mobile version of the site that can be accessed through a browser. I tied this version first, but I found it was not intuitive as I had hoped . As a result, I headed to the bet365 website to download the app and was instantly glad that I did.

The smooth functionality of the main site was back and I was able to slot straight back into the action without a hitch. I would suggest that anyone who is thinking of using their mobile device to pay bet365 poker sticks with the dedicated application. Just remember that if you use Android, you won’t find the app on the Google store so just grab it straight from bet365. I found the app is well-designed and gives you all the features that you will find on the main version of the software.

My summary

For such a large company, I feel bet365 do a great job of keeping their huge client base happy across a range of gaming services and bet365 poker is no exception. I was expecting their poker suite to be more style than substance but it is far from it. In fact it is clear that is aimed just as much a big stakes players as it is at their less experienced sportsbook and casino customers.

The desktop version ticks all of the boxes for me and the mobile application is not far behind. In my opinion, if you are going to play poker online, you could do a lot worse than choose bet365 as your destination of choice.

Terms and Conditions Apply - Please see for full details, age restricted to 18+

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